Sunday, January 12, 1997

about me

welcome to my blog!
i am a mom of three amazing children
i have been with my husband for 13 years
i grew up on vancouver island and currently reside in alberta
...planning and looking forward to our move back to the island....
i met my husband in a country bar, learning to 2 step...i know!
i am a scrapbooker, something i have been doing for 8 years
i am an artist...tho i haven't really done art in it's traditional sense since college
i am a teacher of scrapbook and craft classes
i am a old hobby turned new venture
i am a seamstress and whatever else falls between all this

i have had the privilege and honour of being a part of some amazing things...
i have designed for one little word, just cre8, and currently design for kenner road.
i have taught for an amazing event, scrapbooking crop for kids.
i have recently been published in canadian scrapbooker's fall 09 issue and will be in their winter 09 issue.....
i have met many amazing people online, some of which have become my greatest friends.

i am addicted to yoga
green living and green choices
healthy living and alternate health
homemade and from scratch...i like to know what i am putting into my body

i believe strongly that what you put out there you get back...
i believe that life is a journey that is constantly changing and growing
i believe that smiling will always make your day better, even when there is no reason to anyway
i believe my children are my greatest accomplishment in life
i believe i am blessed with so much in my life

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