Saturday, January 9, 1999

about me

welcome to my blog!
i am a mom of 3 amazing children.
i have been with my husband for 15 years, whom i met in a country bar learning to 2 step :)
i grew up on vancouver island and currently reside in alberta. we are planning to move to the east coast to live our dream, a sustainable and off the grid life, by summer 2013. i am a photographer and a seamstress, i crochet & bake & cook.we are a home learning family (my son hates the word homeschool as, to him, it sounds too much like school) 

i am addicted to yoga,
green living & green choices, healthy living & alternate health, homemade and from scratch.

i believe strongly, that what you put out there you get back...
i believe that life is a journey that is constantly changing and growing.
i believe that smiling will always make your day better, even when there is no reason to anyway.
i believe my children are my greatest accomplishment in life.
i believe i am blessed with so much in my life

my blog is to share our home learning adventures, my extreme views on why we no longer send our children to school, real food choices and views, our crafty and artsy projects...and anything else that falls in between this. the opinions and views expressed on this blog, are just that...opinions and views. they are not meant to offend or cause great debate...especially when they differ greatly from your own. i only express them to share. we all walk our own paths but sometimes think we are quite alone in that journey, so sometimes finding someone of like mind is relieving, finding someone else who has experienced a similar situation is enlightening or helpful.

so all i ask, should you leave a comment, is to please be respectful :)

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