Sunday, October 22, 2006

we're almost there...

4 years ago my husband made a hard decision after my daughter was born... he switched jobs! he had decided to do an apprenticeship for industrial plumbing. with one toddler and a new born...let me tell was rough on first year wages!!! however, time has passed and tomorrow he starts school for his last time!! december 15 marks the day that he is finally done... he finally becomes a journeyman! this is my hoorah for him! it's been tough but we made it through and even had another baby in amongst it all! so congratulations babe... we love you and are proud of you, and have no doubts, whatsoever, that you will pass with flying colours!!! good luck!


  1. Congrats to him!! My dh switched careers when I was preggo with our third, so I know the agony of the "back to school" - but so worth it in the end!! Yay!!!

  2. Oh happy day Jess! Certainly a big milestone for your family...WTG Mr. Jess :)

  3. Woohoo for everyone....CONGRATS!!!