Wednesday, November 22, 2006

alright......hmmm...let me see?!!! an update, you say! was a fun day!! i went shopping with my mom...for my fun...even got some christmas shopping done!!! now for those who don't know me...this is a yay me moment!! usually i am a last minute christmas shopper and i do it all the week before christmas!!! it's my husband's birthday tomorrow and i have got supper and dessert planned with the kids as a surprise for him!!! it's hard to believe we're another year you ever look in the mirrior and think...god I don't feel like ten or more years has passed since high school? there are somedays i look at teenagers and i really that much older then these kids? and the answer...yup!!! it has been that long and you are that much older. the other day i found myself laughing when i got the opportunity to say..." i can't believe that I wore that when i was a kid!!!" I am old enough to have fashion come and bite me in the butt!! who'd a thought?!! so onto a silly note...I bought myself a new hat's fun and funky...what do ya think??



  1. Hey girl...thanx for the update! ;0) And i have to say look awesome in that hat....i love it! NAH!!!!!!! lol

  2. Love the hat! Great taste!!
    Only to be 29 again.. I wish.. LOL!
    Have a great celebration with your dh!!

  3. love the hat and yeah...I think I am trippin' more about how I am actually on my own.Living my own life. No longer with mom and having my own family. When I think about how my silly booty is keeping it together and making it's shocking? I was always afraid of the unkown...affraid of life outside my comfort zone. Dude why in the world am I going off like this? LOL!!! I hope you had a fantastic Birhtday honey!