Monday, November 27, 2006

good things...

just a good day...inspite of our vehicle being a write off after last mondays annoying rearender!!! still waiting on what the next step we're driving a rental... with no back window and it being minus freaking cold...we are now five crammed into a 2007 chevy malibu!!! let's just say it'!!! but I always like to look at the the good? this car has a kick ass stereo system in it!!! we have never had a CD player in any vehicle...i know, holy get with the times already...and yes, i do know that a tape player is just as bad an A-track...but hey at least there was music!!! so anyway, my friend Laura burned to cd all the crazy frog songs from the toon channel, plus a few extras...and this afternoon I cranked it up and grovved with my kids, while driving from this school and that school, to this like techno we are the champions and i like to move it, move get the idea!!! it totally ROCKED!!!!!! my husband thinks, even more so, that i have totally lost my mind...but you's all about the little things!!!

So while the passing drivers are thinking we are a totally crazy kids and i had fun laughing our butts off and bopping our heads roxbury style!!!!

we also set our tree up this weekend and hung our stockings...hoping to get some new decorations this year so i am holding off to put the rest up!! I sent off a RAK to a member of love 2 scrap...hope you enjoy your goodies spiritedmom!!! last weekend we got haillee's ears pierced...again!!and this weekend i finally get to go and check out the much raved about scrapbook store...urban scrapbooker!!! see it's all about the good things!!!

anyway, ciao for to do some yummy christmas baking!!!



  1. Hey girl...i am just picturing you and your family bopping cute!!!

    ok girl...i wanna see pics of your tree!!!!

    save some christmas cookies !!!!

  2. Holy Moly that page is the S***! And It sounds like you and your kids ARE silly gooses! Too Cool! I'm sure your husband is saying to you that you are crazy and under his breath he is asking God how can he be so lucky.
    Happy holidays honey -Karla

  3. You know how many times people have passed my vehicle and I know they have thought that is one crazy woman in there....Like how many people are in there anyway?? The boys don't get into the music too much but the girls sure do... That is a fabulous layout and I really love your blog, and of course those great pictures! Cute kids!! Have a great day!


  4. you lost a little thing? your mind is not a little thing to lose but glad you found it. My kids are psychos for the crzy frog! I leave it for Todd trips. SOOO jealous you're going to urban scrapbooker. When you pass the clearance section think of me. I'm heading south to calgary armned with my 30% discount card from you know who...need anything:)

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