Saturday, November 4, 2006


so today was a good lazy laid back worries... a day to enjoy what's really important! my kids, my husband...and all the silly little things that make! i don't think i have laughed so hard in a long's nice to know i still can!!! my baby girl is getting more confident and starting to take more cool!! my other little girl is becoming quite the little artist!! and my son...well he's one cool dude, with the attitude to go with it!! it puts everything in perspective...wouldn't you agree?

and speaking of perspective...

i was at scrapfest in september and there was conversation about a crop for kids...totally cool idea!! well my good friend, laura, came across a link to this fabulous cause on canadian scrapbooker with information on it. tonight i found thier official website, canada's scrapbooking crop 4 kids and just had to hook you up!!! this is going to be such a big event...all across is definitely a good thing! so check it out, book mark it and think about going...i also have a direct link in my "creative words" section! it's not until october there is lots of time to save your pennies!!! the venue for the crop in edmonton is going to be west ed!!! so how cool is that??!!! a little shopping, a little spending...and all for a great can you say no?


  1. I love to hear that you laughed till you almost peed!!!LOL. That is real sweet though and that convention sound fantastic! And its for a really couldn't go wrong. You have a great night kay? -Karla

  2. almost peed...heck girl ...i do!!! LOL...jk...okay well...sometimes!

    I am def thinking of going...if you are...let me know for sure...k girl!

    See you on the boards....hopefully soon!!!

  3. jess... we were asked to be vendors at this event. we are looking into it and dates.