Wednesday, November 8, 2006

small blessings...and big...

i have been in such a good mood lately...i have been very inspired lately...i am happy to be me!! my baby girl really started taking this walking thing seriously...i love watching babies learn how to walk...i love the excitemnet on their faces. i have volunteered for an amazing event, canada's scrapbooking crop for cool...don't forget to check it out...and volunteer! it's quiet at my house...for the moment, we all know how short lived that can i am just enjoying the now! my husband is doing really well so far in school...passed all of his tests to date with flying colours. so proud!! i got to watch my other daughters dance class yesterday...totally fabulous!! and in the middle of an excercise, she calls out to me..."mommy take a picture of this!!" got a few chuckles from the other parents...can you tell she has a mommy who scrapbooks? i had a sweet and very surprising phone call yesterday...after many MSN conversations...laci called me! it was so cool to put a voice to a face! and by the way...laci, you have a beautiful voice! and as i am writing this, i glanced out my's snowing! and i'm smiling about it!! i love the way winter looks...don't like driving in it...but it's soft and pretty!!

so much to be grateful for...i am blessed big and small!!! today is a good day... i wish you all fabulous days...and don't forget to take five minutes and count your'll put a smile on your face...and smiling is a good thing!!


  1. Love this entry Jess.It's so serene and peaceful.

    Loved talking to you was like we'd known each other for ages.Those connections are the best!

    and that pic is too

  2. This is a beutiful post...I might just have to print it's just so sweet. You enjoy this kay?

  3. Hiya Jessi, nice to see your blog (not sure why i haven't checked it out before now but good to know) and look forward to chatting again online. great pics and wow about the journalling and your dh. scarey stuff.