Sunday, November 19, 2006!!!

i have to apologize in the very sad consistency in updating my new blog!!!! i was still debating on whether i was going to switch over!!! but i think i have finally made my decision to take the plunge!!! i love this pretty and so peaceful and soft...and i love that it has an artsy vibe.

things have been getting pretty insanely busy around here...lots of things going on at sons birthday is coming up and i have been planning it like crazy. just finished making the invites tonight...yes i make my kids invites...i LOVE doing their birthday parties and theming them out!!! my son is having a winter birthday...we're going on a winter hay ride, gonna eat ice cream cake, snow paint(food colouring and water in spray bottles)...and of course the party favours are following the theme. crazy carpets and snowman soup(the making of hot chocolate:hot chocolate, mini marshmallows, candy cane stir stick all in a mug)

my baby is turning one a few days after that and we're doing her a snow princess birthday...haven't worked out all the details, yet...but i will post pictures of both birthday parties

had a fabulous time at the love 2 scrap online crop this weekend!!! never done one before...but the inspiration was fabulous!!! got to thank tammy for her button i needed another excuse to use buttons!!!! did i mention that i love buttons??

my husband is feeling sick again...due to his sarcoidosis. so i have been worried about that...he puts on a good face...but i know he hurts.

and i could go on and on about the upcoming events...but i'll save that for future blogs!!! got keep you coming back you know!!! but for the next couple of days i have a little breathing i can finally spend some time switching over my blogs.

got to bring my tag over...that was fun to do. congrats to karla for makiing DT at L2S...congrats to tammy on her new camera...congrats to laura for winning bingo and the word scramble...and congrats to me for keeping my head attached during the chaos!!!

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  1. hey girl...bug hugs too you...ya got a lot going on now....Crazy how life can get some times! Big congrats for the head still being on!

    So ya wanna come over a play with my

    enjoy your new looks awesome!!!

    I am still trying to figure out how to do things onmine!