Sunday, November 19, 2006 karla dudley

 {so i was able to copy this post...but...darn...can't figure out how to change the colour so it matches my other posts and blog!!! but for those who have already read this...scraoll down there is a new post...i promise!!!}

here it is girl...a little bit about me...and i agree...who wants to wait to be tagged by a "celebrity"? between us not so celebrity scrapbook gals we'll create a little stardom in our own little world!!! and whoever reads this...know that you have been tagged...look forward to getting to know everyone just a little better!!

my loves...

** i love to distress at least one thing, if not everything, on a layout or project!!
** i love my versa magic chalk ink in java
** i LOVE flowers...Heidi Swapp and Prima's are by far my favourite...i use them on everything!!!
** them by the jarfuls! especially the ones from autumn leaves!!!
** i love ribbon!! like flowers...i can't get enough and incorporate on almost everything!!!
** i love creating mini albums...the more the better!!might as well change this to altered projects...once you try can't stop!!
** i especially love pattern papers from autumn leaves and my minds eye (wild aspapragus...yummy!!!)

not so much love...

** when i make a small or large mistake when journalling...oooh that drives me bonkers
** when i complete a page and realize that i am never going to be satisfied with i have to redo it!!
** i forget to buy extra adhesive and run out in the middle of a scrapping session...and of course, the store is closed!!!!!
** wasting product when i make a mistake!!
** sitting down to scrapbook when i feel really inspired and staring at a piece of cardstock or pictures for a few hours and realize i have done...nothing!!!
** when the picture in my head of how I want it to look becomes a total disaster in reality...(i think there's a few things i could learn from ali edwards!!!)
** having product that i really, really want to use on a LO and then can't seem to make it work!!!

things i tend to repeat...

** flowers, flowers, flowers...hey did i say flowers?!!!
** clusters...i am really into gathering a bunch of embellishments around my photo and leaving a lot of white space!
** inking edges...of photos...of background paper...of matting paper...!!
** sanding the edges of everything...especially photos!!
** using my corner rounder...can't get enough of it lately!!
** hand written journalling...even though my handwriting isn't as pretty as karla's...i love the personal touch!
** letters...chipboard, sticker, stamp, doesn't matter you'll find them somewhere on my projects...and every chance i get...the BIG monogram letters!!!

what i want to try...

** incorporating more stamping onto my pages...i love stamps...but rarely use them...i did make myself a challenge...from now on i have to use a least one stamp on every project!!! i have stamps from stampin' up that i have had for 2 years and they are still unmounted!!! i know...blasphemy!!!
** completing more challenges by due dates instead of keeping them on the back burner!!
** a graphic or "ali" page...I see them...but never try them!!
** CKU...would love to go and see and meet and do!!!
** go to china with karla!!!

products i can't live without

** heidi swapp and prima flowers
** my brown chalk ink
** sandpaper
** edge distresser...which is lost at the sad i am!!!
** my ek success black .05 pen
** paper trimmer...although i wouldn't mind upgrading!!
** paint
** corner rounder
** glue dots
** ikea...they are my complete salvation for scrapbook storage!!
** my computer!!!!

wierd things i do when scrapping...

** talk to myself and/ the computer...and trust it answers back!!
** sing loudly to good music
** stand up...sit down...stand up ...sit down...!!!
** ask my husband for!!!
** shout OH MY GOD I TOTALLY ROCK!!! to my husband or an empty room when I impress myself!!!
** do a dance when a page turns out my eyes!!

dear santa...

** a really cool scrap room!!!
** a digital SLR
** a trip anywhere outside of canada...i know...pretty sad...even sadder when i say i have only been as far as winnepeg in canada!!
** my LSS to carry both maya road and 7 gypsies
** more flowers... can never have enough of them!!
** another scrapbooking retreat...scrapfest was too much fun!!!
** a stocking full of all my favourite and well used embellishments !!!

so that's me and my perspective of my scrapbooking at this time!!! as i evlove so will!! a hobby that grows and changes with a person...who could ask for me...i love that this hobby is an evolution of self it's time for you to share...tag you it!!!


  1. love the look of your new blog jess. cool colors. great change!

  2. hey girl...i need an update here! ;o)