Thursday, November 2, 2006

tick tock...

november first always starts the beginning of insanity and choas for me!!! this is the beginning of my down hill slide to christmas...i know, i said the words! christmas! i have a few deadlines to meet for love 2 scrap... i have two birthdays this month...two birthdays next parties... and our yearly family christmas just goes so fast!!!

we spend so much time talking about how fast the time goes...we all know how fast the time goes. i scrapbook and am reminded day to day how fast time goes...but what about stopping and getting every second out of your minute? i know i don't do this nearly enough. how about you? costantly on the go, rushing my kids from here to there, getting through the day so i can fall into bed at night and start again in the morning...and at the end of the day what have i done? well...household chores, chauffering my children, feeding my children, getting homework done, balancing my household, scrapbooking the moments i don't want to forget. but did i live the moments i don't want to forget? nope...i took the picture and moved on to next task at hand...i will eventually come back to that moment.

STOP!!! how many times have you've been told you can't go back? at least amillion!!! but the funny thing's true!! you have to live in the moment...not go back to the doesn't come's not put on hold. so this is my beginning...beginning of what? well of stopping and smelling the roses, so to speak. to put the camera down and live the moment...instead of standing and watching the moment through a little frame. to celebrate the blessings in my life. to fill my fridge up with pictures i colour with my children. have a snow ball fight and build a snowman (oh my gosh...haven't done that in years...always take pictures while my hubby and kids have all the fun!!!) and than sit on our kitchen floor drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows!!

so with that i am off to watch my children sleep, kiss them goodnight one more time,and whisper how much i love them.

and just so you know...this entry of mine was inspired by three things...a feeling that i was missing out on something... another
blog I read earlier tonight (life, love, and all that jazz) and an online lass that is being taught by heidi swapp called a year to remember

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