Saturday, December 16, 2006

a little revitalization...

my friend and hair dresser came over last night and gave me a little revamp!!! so excited...kept the same cut but she went shorter and she did some really funky and cool colours!!! The bottom is a dark chocolate brown and the top is the chocolate, a copper, and a blond...I love it!!! here's a picture...think it's going to be my new avatar!!!


this morning my kids finally got to decorate their ginger bread haillee's world it's a gingerale house...cute hey?!!! after being sick for a week they are getting totally antsy...going to take them for a little sledding trip...give them some fresh air!! will post some pictures of that later!!! So have a great day y'all and i hope everyone remains healthy in your to the hills!!

this is dakota's side of the gingerbread house...

this is haillee's side of the house that she decorated...


  1. your hair turned out so cool. love it! great colors.

    the kids' gingerbread houses look so cute! we haven't got ours done yet!

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