Tuesday, December 12, 2006

i am going to have to take a break!! My family has been hit hard with a nasty flu...we have spent the last 2 days sleeping. of course that means my big babies have been home from school! My husband is the only one, so far, unaffected...but he is in the middle of exams. This is his last week of school...well...3 more days...and he is a journeyman!!! he has done very well and is sitting at the top of his class with his marks...yay for him!!! But I am not able to stay at my computer for long periods of time...so i am taking a break to get better and maybe catch up on some stuff if I can stop coughing!!! I will leave you with some pictures of my sons birthday...which was a totally gong show...more on that later!!! needless to say I will not have another birthday throught that venue...it was horribly organized and chaotic!!! but the kids had fun and that is all that matters!!! Dakota and his cake...this cake was soooooooo much fun to make!!


Snowman Soup favours...we also gave every child a crazy carpet with their snowman soup...mmmmm!!

this is the view the kids were treated to on the wagon ride

and the kids on the wagon ride...they had a blast!!!


  1. this looks like the kids had a great time... Great cake and love the party favours!!! Get feeling better!!


  2. sorry to hear your all sick...glad it happened after our visit!!!! ;o)

    Great idea for the party favors...may have to steal that one from ya!!!

    Feel better sweetie!

    Talk to you when your better!


  3. looks like so much fun! that is such a cool cake. you sure know how to plan a good party!