Saturday, December 16, 2006

making changes...again I gave wordpress a chance...tried it out for awhile...but I am still finding it way easier to use blogger...i am such a dummy when it comes to the computer that i am a sucker for the easy. i am able to set it up in a format that i prefer and adding to it is well as making changes. this one confuses the heck out of for those who have changed my address from one to the other, and now back again)...but i am going back to blogger. the only thing i wish i could figure out there, is how to make a cool banner!!! anyone know how to do that, please send info my way!!!

so the address for my old blogger site is... 

so i will see you there...thanks gals for your blog love (and understanding of the computer!!!)

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  1. Ok...for some reason the type on your blog is miniscule. So I can not read it. When my husband gets back tonight I'll see if he can fix it for me. Untill then you have anice night honey -Karla