Friday, December 1, 2006

oh so inspired...

so to back track a bit...since having my baby girl just about a year ago...can't believe that in 8 days she'll be a year...i have felt like i just can't get it together!!! i used to be so organized, planned things at least 6 months in advance, had a big calendar posted on my wall to keep track of everybodies stuff...i was good with deadlines...still a  last minute girl, but they didn't stress me out!!!

so where am i going with this?? well, there are all sorts of things i want to do or complete and lately it just seems so overwhelming...that i just don't even bother...ugh, so frustrating!!! every now and than i wish the world would just stop, let me breathe, catch up, and than carry on!!! i know...never going to happen...i guess lately i just feel like life is just going to fast and i can't seem to catch up and when i look at all the things i meant to accomplish and haven't...well i am right back in the same spot of feeling overwhelmed!!! vicious little circle i seem to be caught in these days!!!

but on the flip side...i know how blessed in life i what's the problem...just go with the flow. problem is the flow is going a little faster than i!!!

but i have been inspired to stop and reflect and catch up...there is this amazing chick, who just blows me away with not only her creativity... but her follow through!! one of the areas i seem to be struggling with these days is much i want to do and so much i am not getting done!!! but this she is on fire... completes every ali challenge and other fabulous projects on top of every day life!!! to say you rock and inspire she inspired me inspired by her latest creative work to shut up, stop talking about, and just do it....and maybe I might need to put the computer!!!!!

So I am going to go back and do all of ali's challenges... post them and I might even link them to ali's blog(better late then never) and just start cracking down on that thing at a time, right??

so check y'all is a new day!


  1. I can totally relate.....just not enough time in a day for me...i need to start making time!

    Karla is def. an inspiration!

  2. i agree! i am learning a lot from her. it is awesome we have each other for support in all kinds of ways