Friday, December 15, 2006

the party from hell....

the worst planned birthday party...ever...but not on my part!!! we booked my sons birthday party at heritage ranch. covered deck with fire and a wagon was going to be a blast!!! phone on friday to confirm and make sure everything is a go. uh-oh!!! run into a small snag...there was an idiot on the other end of the phone!!! said they were going to move us into the to the side, of course, so we don't get trampled by the wagons as they come through!!! deal...that is not what i reserved and am paying for...besides where would you put tables for our food and presents if we're crammed into a corner of the courtyard??? of course, someone will have to phone me back to sort out this confusion!!! did they? nope, i had to phone back...but i finally got the answer i was looking for and it was all a go...covered deck, fire and ride...phew...disiaster diverted!!!!!

what was i thinking????!!! show up a half hour before my son's party started to get everything ready...hold on jay...i am going inside to pay and let them know we're here. holy hannah...look at all these people!!! swarms and swarms of people everywhere!!! jay and i look at each other and think...great!!! large group of people gathered on the covered deck where we're supposed to be...inside all rooms are just bursting with people.

standing and waiting for someone to come to the front desk so i can get things in order...tick, tock...12:40. party starts at 1pm. can i help you?? to pay for a birthday party and get set up. oh and you are? jessi and i phoned yesterday to confirm. it is soooooooo noisey out here come into the office and we'll get you settled. okay...jessi...jessi....dessert and hot chocolate party? nope we're just a birthday party.hmmm...i don' you are! oh good!! will the people on the deck be moved so we can set up?? yes i will have someone...ohhhhhhhhhh...can't move them, we'll have to set you up in the courtyard. unacceptable!!! i phoned yesterday and dealt with this and was guarenteed the covered deck...tick, tock...12:50.

well we're overbooked, the girl who does the booking over booked us in everything and then up and quit and left us to deal with the problem...what do you want me to do, there's nothing i can do? well...i expect you to come up with a reasonable solution not give me, the customer excuses as to why there is a mess...not my problem!!!! i phoned yesterday and was told there wouldn't be any problems...sorry you are having to deal with someone elses mess but this is yours and the facilities problem!! my son's party is supposed to be starting right now and we have people showing up and no where to host a's not like i can tell everyone cancelled.

Needless to say this lady kept telling me she would be right back and then would dissppear and ignore us...I would have to go hunt her down and say...hi remember me?!!! finally i came up with a compromise...the covered deck is two decks joined...the upper deck is where there is a fire and the lower deck is just a deck...I asked if there was anyway we could share the deck and take the lower part where there are some tables? So at 1:30...a half hour to finally start setting up the party...thank god for some very understanding parents to which i owe huge thank you's too!!! we set out the food...the party favours...the birthday cake on one table. think all my problems have been solved and are over?? oh aren't you funny!!! i told you...this party from a parents perspective was a total organized disaster!!!! Now we had to corral all the kids to find out who had come...and when we saw how many other children and people were at the ranch...i was very grateful i had brought name badges...we tagged all the kids so we would know who belonged to us.

An insight to how many people were at this facility...well aparently Neighbours had rented the whole facility for their christmas party...250 adults and children!! and on top of that they had booked 6...yes I said 6...other parties all with an average of at least 15 people on top of ours and we had 17 kids and some parents!!! yup... A LOT of people!!! how do you not see that kind of overbooking in a schedule you look at daily??? stupid, stupid people!!!

anyway...back to the party!! i had gone off to see when we would be getting our wagon ride and came back to one of the mom's who had decided to stay saying we have to guard our party food. what??!!! guard our food? aparently, people thought that our food was free reign and as they walked through the our part of the deck....(there was nothing we could do about this as, people on wagon rides were let off at the upper deck and had to walk through to get anywhere. this is also where they load the wagon rides...and there was someone else having a separate party on this part of the deck as well). we were fighting off kids and adults that thought that our food was for anyone to take...would you just assume that all the food set up on a property was  yours for the taking?? i know i wouldn't...besides there was a birthday cake...come on now...isn't that obvious???

well our food wasn't the only thing that people thought were up for grabs...oh-no...oh yes!!! they wouldn't? they did!!! people tried stealing our party favours!!! i had a big basket on the table with rolled up crazy carpets and a smaller basket with the snowman soup in it set up on the table...well one wagon ride let off the passengers and some lady as she came through...oh look at this, how sweet, someone went to a lot of work (duh!!)...and started to hand out our crazy carpets to the children of her group as they walked passed!!!! can you believe it???? my husband was standing in a position so that as every child that was handed a carpet...he said, thanks for coming...and took them back and was finally able to say to the lady that this was for a child SIXTH birthday party and would you mind not taking his party favours!!!!!

isn't that horrible??? i was not able to go on the wagon ride when it was finally our turn to go...well someone had to guard our table!!!! another mom stayed with me and yes we did have to fight more people off our food and another lady off our party favours!!! in the end we realized that someone had made off with 2 of the crazy carpets...thank god for every child still got one!!!

i was so grateful when it was all over and we got to go we didn't get a did get a little wonder we got as sick as we!!! the kids had no idea...they had so much i guess that's all that matters!!! i just couldn't believe that nerve of some people!!! i would never go dipping into food just because it was there...i wouldn't assume that it was a free for all. i did eventually write signs on paper plates and stand them up so people would stop grabbing our seemed to work...but sheesh, shouldn't have to do that!!!!

anyway i am done ranting and hopefully any future party goes a lot smother than that one!!! thanks for your ears during my venting and thanks gals for all your blog love...i am done...for now!!!


  1. OMG that i have met your hubby....i am just picturing him standing there...swooshing back those crazy carpets 'THANX for coming" and the poor stupid looks on their

    Glad under all the sounds like it turned out to be fun for the kids!

    Hope your feeling better....have a great weekend!

  2. Wow, that sounds like a good I am really not laughing what a way to totally wreck a birthday, supposed to be fun and you are stressed before you even start the party... I am sure the kids probably never even noticed though they probably had a great time anyway!
    Have a great rest of your day!