Thursday, December 7, 2006

this busy little bee...

okay, so i know i am totally slacking on my blog...but i have a really good excuse...i swear!!! i have been so busy getting some unfinished projects done and getting some new ones started and finished and planning and organizing my sons birthday party...i will admit...i didn't think about updating!! But i am thinking now and thought i would give y'all a quick update...but i am saving the good stuff for after the weekend...can't wait to show you how Dakota's party goes!!! The one project i completed that i am so happy about is my all about me album. This album was so much fun to do and i still have some journalling left to do...but all the pages have been put together...i will add this to my blog...but sorry, not tonight!! i also made some star ornaments that are so sool...they come unassembled and are made by Basic Grey. i got another Ali Edwards project done and made some bottle cap how they turned out!!! And last but not least i finished my christmas cards yesterday...whew...this year i am ahead the game. Now all i have to do is figure out how to get a stamp on them, address them...and put them in a mailbox. Mailbox??? i don't know if i remember what they look like....i think they're!!! i will leave you with a few pictures and than i am outta here to eat some lasagne and make some cookies and birthday cake....ciao for now!!!!



christmas card


  1. I love these!!!! I just finished a bunch of bottlecaps for some layouts and they are fab, totally love them!!!
    Great job!

  2. everything looks Fab it all! You have been a busy little bee....hmmm....still not sure if i can forgive ya...ok ok...since they were UFOs....even though they were done without are forgiven!

  3. those turned out so beautiful jess. awesome job!