Thursday, December 28, 2006

what do you think for a first timer??

so lay it on me...i know it's pretty basic, but i finally figured out how to create my own banners and i don't have a lot of digital stuff to work with...and yes i know the writing is a little small...but what do you think? i am pretty impressed with the fact that i finally figured it out and it worked!!! but i have to give credit where credit is making this work is all thanks to a lady, Brenda, who wanted to make it easier for gals like me (the total computer stupid!!!) to customize their blogs...she makes really cool quilts too!!! i might be adding to my digital stash...oh the possibilities are endless now!!! anyone know where one can download swirl or scroll type photoshop brushes...the freebie kind??? they have cool ones on 2 peas...but i want to play a little bit before i buy!!


  1. cool ... i want to do my banner too, i must go find out what to do.

  2. Hi there! Karla pointed me to your blog...check out these sites for free brushes...

    It's a bit addictive isn't it. I have to admit, I've only just taught myself how to change my banner and I am pretty impressed with myself too!!

  3. you did awesom egirl...i so need to learn how to do this...i have been downloading digi stuff for months and havae no clue as to how to do it....i need to check this Brenda gal out!!!