Friday, January 5, 2007

baby steps...

don't you just love it when everything just comes together??? this year a lot of things in my life are falling neatly into place...and it feels sooooooooooooooo good to have the pieces fit!!! there have been a lot of struggles for me, my family, and my husband over the last year and just feels good that a lot of it is getting put behind us and we're moving on!!! and not all of them are gone...but i don't expect life to be easy all the we deal, we cope, we learn to love it, or we learn to leave it.

on a personal level...i took a big step for me!!! i NEVER take any classes or go to events without someone holding my hand...yeah, yeah...i know...big baby!!! boohoo!!! i have a hard time walking into situations or enviroments that are things like gym memberships, yoga classes, scrapbook classes, even taking the kids to their extra curriculars is tough for me. i am shy about meeting people, not knowing what's going on...looking like an idiot or clueless...really don't know why those last two should bug me as i am clueless half the time and the other half i am having those "DUH" moments...LOL!!!! needless to say it's hard for me to do it if i don't have someone to do it with me. well, hold on to your hats ladies...sit down if you feel the need...but i started curves...all by my BIG self!!!! i am so excited to be doing something positive for myself and funny thing??? it wasn't that hard...DUH!!!!!

i also decided to start teaching classes again at our local scrapbook store...Scrapbooker's Paradise. i have worked on the floor and been on their design team and i have taught company classes...but this time i am just teaching independently!! sooooooooooo excited!!! as soon as i can figure out how to get the google calendar to work on my blog i will be posting all upcoming classes and Love 2 scrap events on it, so keep your eyes open for that!! in the meantime, i am i teaching a class on making and altering a Jacob's Ladder Febuary 10th and i am teaching a class on my playing card mini album i made on March 31st.

Jacob's Ladder

Playing Card Mini Album


  1. you go know I am so proud of you for stepping out of your comfort zone and facing some of your fears! Have fun with teaching the classes YOU want to teach. You'll be awesome at it.

  2. Congrats on taking that independant step, and towards a better you makes it that much more of an accomplishment!! Love the Jacob's Ladder album, what a cool idea!!

  3. Good for you Jessi!

    I too have that problem - my hubby literally has to push me out the door to do things.
    What a big step to take to go out and do something on your own! Yay!

    Have a great time teaching those classes! I know you will do a good job - you are so creative!

  4. that is so great... i'm so proud of you! Good for you, getting out of your comfort zone and doing some new things ... hope its wonderful. Love the work you posted too!

  5. I love, love those two albums! May I please scraplift? Congrats on your acheivements...keep up the good work!

  6. Yes please. When you get a chance, I'd like to know more about how to make each of these projects. I can kinda tell from the pictures, but would appreciate a little more how-to. Thanks! And thanks too for your sweet comments about my creations.

  7. These are so adorable! I love them.