Wednesday, January 17, 2007

dressing do you do it???

this is how my daughter does it...the girl has style!!!!

as for me...I am dusting off my make up, putting away the pajama pants and t-shirts, and pulling out some trendy duds!!! why, you ask??? cause I am heading to Calgary tomorrow to pick up my high school girlfriend!!!!! soooooooooooooo cannot wait...and once we have her ensconced in our van amongst my 3 nasty little hooligans(heehee!!!) we are off to ikea for a quick shop!!! quick shop at ikea??? how does that happen you ask??? well I figure out what i want online, write down all pertinent info a some paper, and my husband goes into the store, while I wait in the van. He than goes straight to an ikea employee who points him in the direction, he grabs the stuff and gets out!!!! even with blinders on that store gets me every time!!!! no will power...want it all!!!

I am excited about the ikea trip because I am getting new chairs for around my table, a new shelf for in my newly painted living room and more baskets for storage!!! and I promise that as soon as our fireplace is done I will post photos of our redecorated living room!!!

and just to share a little more love and goodness...have you all read the quote
Ali has on her blog??? Well here is a's long...but beautiful and I hope you enjoy it!!!

A Hopi Nation

here is my latest scrapbook of my UFO's is my wedding more layout completed for my book!!!

so have a great night and...I am off to see the wizard...the wonderful wizard of OZ!!!!

are you singing it??? of course you are...ciao for now ladies!!!


  1. Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog! Love your "words" and your art! (Have been enjoying your pages on love 2 scrap for months!) Hope you have a wonderful day!

  2. Great layout! I need to start on our wedding picturs too. Oh, I'm so far behind on everything!

  3. Wow, good for you! Great reading as usual! Read Alis blog too, amazing wow there is so much talent out there! Have a good one, too bad you don't have more time in Calgary we could meet for coffee, maybe next time!!

  4. gorgeous page jess!!!! we have to get together soon so you can teach me how to use acohol inks i so do not know how lol and got some for christmas !!! want to help lol!!

  5. Hey Jessi!
    I am sooo singing Off to see the Wizard! Funny how stuff like that can set you off!... Off to see the wizard da da da da da dah!
    Great layout! I have no pictures from our wedding yet, so haven't even started ours. No motivation :( anyways, have a great day!

  6. well at least you don't have us singing the playtex tampon commercial- happened to a guy friend of mine once and we have never let him live it down! Sooo, since I had the hooligans- what ya buy me? Just jokin! If you take her back to calgary, I may have to hitch a ride. I need one black linen box for vaughns baptism stuff etc. phone me!

  7. hey girl....have a blast with your friend!!!!!

    Beautiful page girl!

    Got your ruby slippers ready! ;o)

    Start the car!!!!! Start the car!!!!

    Hugs girl....dont stay low for to long!!!! Miss ya!

  8. wow ... have fun with your friend. your LO is beautiful

  9. Your happiness is just jumping through your words today!!
    Have SO much fun with your girlfriend! I know you will!
    I love that pic. So cute!!!
    And great layout!!

  10. hey Jess..first off,have fun with your girlfriend! Secondly, post pics later of your new IKEA set-up. Thirdaly, your daughter is beautiful. You were a beautiful brida as well..and I love that quote! did a pretty jam-packed entry there girl!