Monday, January 1, 2007

HAPPY NEW YEARS EVERYONE!!!!!!!! can i just say that this year is already off to a good start!!! our evening with laura's family and her neighbours had us laughing our butts off til 3 in the morning!!! and all you mom's out there...i am admitting here and now, that at 29...I am already way to old for those kind of late nights!!!!!! wow... did i ever suffer today!!! how pathetic...that I turn into a pumpkin at midnight...but we had so much fun!!! we did a girl against boy game night...too freakin' fun!!!! let see we played scattergories and it didn't take long to see where those dirty minded boys were going with their!! than we moved to catch phrase and can I just say...the 3 of us kicked the 4 of their butts!!!! we played taboo and again...boys are just are just dirty old men in disguise!!!! and we probably heard a little too much info at but...oh...the fun we had!!! it was all good that we were sleep deprived this morning!!!

we, also, finally made it to city hall park...every year they string lights on the trees in the park and every year...usually on christmas eve, we walk through the park drinking tim hortons hot chocolate and the kids pick out their favourite trees. they love it...we love much fun!

i would also like to start off the new year with sending out love to all you who have given me blog love!!! i love checking in on all you guys and love to have your comments!!! i have had the privilege of having a few new visits and have really enjoyed checking out their blogs!!! so thanks and much love to you all!!!

i have a whole bunch of new scrapbooking goals for this year and hope I can follow through on them...i have been challenged by my design team position on love 2 scrap...and have loved the results that I am looking forward to the new challenges and can't wait to start creating!!! I hope you guys all have a chance to check out love 2 stuff in the gallery!!!

and lastly...i have recently had the opportunity to learn how to add a customized banner to my blog and thought I would with you all some of my little goodies on the digital side. i have been hoarding and stashing digital kits all over my computer for months!! i am hoping to learn more about digital scrapbooking...but in the meantime it has been fun having all these goodies to create my banners!!! so far, all the stuff i have downloaded has been free...that's the best part!!! so these are the few sites that i have gotten mine from...
... creating keepsakes
...2 peas
...shabby princess

and, again, here is the link to that great tutorial on how to add it to your blog once you have created your banner...brenda's blog

so happy creating and i am looking forward to a new year of creativity and friends!!!


  1. hey you...can you believe how perverted those boys were...? I was shocked!! I am sooo glad you guys came up, I had way too much fun!
    You know I wish you nothing but the best for 2007...whatever that may be!

  2. I totally need to get me some new board games, it seems like everyone I know is playing them. Playing Guess Who with the kiddies doesn't sound half as fun as perverted scrabble with the adults!

  3. your no spring chicken any more eh! lol

    I love all time fa game...we will playing that saturday when Ki and Michelle come over.

    One of my goals is to learn more about 2peas and Shabby Princess for mine....i owuld never go fully digi...just nice to add soem of the beautiful brushes and touches you get with it!

    Glad to hear your off to a good start!!!

  4. Your photos are wonderful!! Great looking kids and fun, fun, fun happening all over the place!
    Love the board games--that's something I love to do with the family!
    Good luck on all your goals. I can't wait to read about and see more of your scrapbooking stuff over the next year! I'm also on a DT (for a lss) and am really looking forward to some of my projects coming up!
    Great post, my new blog friend!

  5. I'm a digi horder them all over in my pc...been fiddling here and's fun...Glad you had fun on New Years....I love board games! Especially that game....Cheers!

  6. happy new year to you sound like you are totally doing the same stuff as us, just vegeing out and chilling! Love wearing my pjs all morning too ... except when I get an unexpected knock at the door - yikes! have fun!

  7. thanks jessi i will have to look for the banner directions been thinking of doing something tfs!!!