Wednesday, January 24, 2007

hodge podge wednesday!! I am like trying to get caught up in...well...everything!!! I started off this year great...and I already feel the slide in falling behind...LOL!!! Well...I am too damn stubborn this year to let that happen...LOL!!!! If I go down, I go down fighting!!!! What is this girl talking she babbles...pssst, do you think she should be locked up??? PROBABLY!!!! But it's fun to be in my head...LOL!!!! Anyway, here is my checklist...

1. Ali's essentials challenge done
2. art journal, deck of cards...week 1, 2, & 3
3. POTP january kit
4. give out some blog love to all my pals done
5. catch up on love 2 scrap and POTP done
Love 2 Scrap DT projects...might just have to give ya'll a sneak peak into their February cute!!!! (later...I promise!!!)
Cheryl's meme for this her getting to know you stuff!!! done
8. Finishing touches on our newly renovated space, take some pics for ya will have to wait until my baby girl isn't sick as it involves more painting
9. go through scrapbooking product...and purge!!! I hate just throwing it out so I think what I don't donate to my kids I am going to RAK out, so stay tuned!!! done...check back for RAK info!!
10. make a project for
Scrap Galaxy
...another super cool site you ought to check out!!!

getting number 7 done... Cheryls Meme

1) What's under your bed right now?
the cradle that all 3 of my babies slept in built by their grandpa and some closet shelves
2) What size shoe do you wear?
3) What's the last restaurant you ate at?
olive garden
4) How many siblings do you have?
a 28 year old sisiter....a 25 year old brother...and a 13 year old brother
5) What side of the bed do you sleep on?
the left
6) Who taught you to drive, and in what kind of car?
my mom tried...but I ended up driving up onto someones it was my dad after that and I learned on a 70 something blazer
7) If you could have a different career, what would it be?
Fashion Designer...the next Dolce and Gabbana
8) What color looks best on you?
9) What's your favorite board game?
catch phrase...taboo...scattergories....the games that make you laugh your butts off. Those serious games, like trivial pursuit...I find boring and too long!!!
10) How tall are you?

post your 10 on your blog or in your comments here...either's fun getting to know everyone just a little more!!

getting number one done... My Essentials

1. cardstock and vintage pattern papers... in all my favourite colours and prints!!!
2. stamps and ink...I have been loving them and their versatility lately and I cannot live without my chalk inks!!!
3. sandpaper...I love distressing
4. glue dots...these stick just about any embellie down!!
5. ek success .05 black pen...too lazy for computer fonts, so hand journalling it is!
6. scissors...since I have a shabby quality to my scrapbooking I don't really need a paper trimmer...LOL!!
7. buttons... just love 'em!!
8. MY COMPUTER!!!!! inspiration and motivation found here!!
9. letters...stickers, doesn't matter.
10. my camera... I am not the best photographer, but I manage!
11. stickers... I have been ndiscovering the versatility and fun of these lately and I love them...especially 7 gypsies
12. Rubons...once you try them you love them...what else can I say!!
13. flowers...I am obsessed!!
14. stapler...just for fun!!!
15. Alcohol inks... somedays a girl has just got to make a mess to create and these are a fun "need to have in your stash" supply for just that!!

can't wait to see what yours all are...this was tough!! so have a fabulous evening and everyone...ciao for now!!


  1. Cool, it was neat reading your meme answers! I'll do mine on my blog, just 'cause I am one of the few who seem to love these things, lol!

  2. You go girl on your list! You are way ahead of me. I too am digging my stamps and ink! I've been using my stapler quite a bit me some cute colored staples to use now!

  3. This is so coooolllll... good for you for getting so much done!!! I wish! Have a great day!


  4. Jessie my girl. You crack me up with you babbling. Love it too much. You make me laugh and I have to thank you because today I really needed the laugh. I'll post mine on my blog because what a fun list of questions. Too cool, too fun. I'm proud of got a little behind but you are definitely catching up. Can't get on to my blogspot right now but will definitely catch you tomorrow with that list. Have a great evening (what time is it there anyway??? Its like 650 in the evening here in loverly N. California. I have a lot of folks from work who travel up there quite often...we do a lot of stuff up there for the ducks (DUCKS UNLIMITED) Anyhow...girl...thanks for making me smile tonight and check out my blog tomorrow for my ten......ten of what???anything....

  5. I love your answers to both of these memes! So glad you were inspired my mine!!
    And your Essentials list is awesome! Just reading it makes me want to go SCRAP!
    Love your to-do lists! You can really see when you're accomplishing things!

  6. Hello, just found your blog, looks great!! Just waving hi!

  7. I added the Essentials list to my blog this morning. I used it for my "Friday Five" theme. I gave you kuddos though...LOL.

  8. Hey Jessi!Just wanted you to know that I used some of the information you provided to me to get my banner up on my blog. Yay!!!! Thanks!!!!!

  9. So many cool things on your list and on your Ali List. Love the meme list too. As you can see I'm trying to get caught up on the blog love myself!