Tuesday, January 16, 2007

if you want to be loved...be loveable

so self discovery is an amazing thing!!! you learn...or rather, relearn...your likes and dislikes...who you are...what you want and what you don't want...what you can live with and you what can't. what am i getting at... well lately i have been wonderiing if it's all worth it...putting yourself out there.

i have only been a part of this online world for a few months and i have to admit i love it...but that is not to say it's perfect!!! i love sharing my work, my stories, my triumphs, my not so great moments...and i love that it connects me with people all over this world!!! some of you know how patheticly untravelled i am...lol!!! i keep it real and I keep it to what is relevant and pertaining to me and mine...unless of course i am giving props to some fabulous person!!

now what is she on about...i swear, I am getting there!!! lately i have been feeling very disillusioned about my online world...and wondering if it's really worth it. i simplified my life and decided that this year I was not putting pressure on myself in the things that i really love to do...like scrapbboking...i want to enjoy what i do and not get caught up in self doubt and drama. i want to really get back to the heart of things and what really matters...to me!

there is so much heart in this scrapbooking thing that a lot of us do...it's full all that is good...so why can't the rest be left alone??? it's a big world that we all live in and i have been reading and hearing alot about the not so nice and it's sad to me that this online world (where we are all stars in our own little corners!!!) affects people in such a negative way. so I thought I would share some love...i came across some blogs that are all about the goodness, and all about the sharing, and all the love...

now on to something fun....................................can ya'll believe...cause I know I can't...that I have been graduated from high school for almost 11 years....woooooooooeeeeeee!!!! where does the time go??? and, of course, I have lost touch with all...all but one!!! and she is coming to visit on thursday!!!! we haven't seen each other in 8 years...we email (see this is why we should be a part of this online world...it keeps us close to those we love!!!)and we have had a few phone conversations...but actual face to face? I have not seen this girl in so long!!!! I am off to calgary on thursday to pick her up from the airport...now picture the screaming, and hugging, and giggling, and jumping...soooooooooooo can't wait!!!

thanks to ali's challenge I happened across another new blog...in german!!! i was checking out the comments and links people left and when
jeani's blog window opened...i was like...man I can't read it!!! than upon closer inspection realized it in german and thought how exciting!!! I took german in high school and haven't ever had the opportunity to use it...thank god she had also added an english version of her aezine challenge entry...and I did leave a comment half english and half german!!! go me...I remembered some!!! I got the sweetest email later on from her and thought ...what a great excuse, motivation, inspiration...to relearn my german!!!

did you see how I came full circle...back to self discovery??? cool how that happens...leaving
you all with a little bit of the good stuff!!!


  1. wow! I say as for all the online negativity and drama- leave that Sh*T at the door and don't go back there. It is easy to get caught up in other peoples online drama cuz this world is smaller with computers and all. I also want to say- you DO need to keep putting your SHy self out there. Look at all of the good things that have come of it. DT, growing as an artist, connecting with old friends. P.s.- i have a tripod if you want to set up and take a pic of you and the friend and the screaming ha ha ha!

  2. What Tannis said! And you know she tells it like it is! Love that girl & love to you! So glad you gotten into this wonderful & crazy online world! We appreciate you and the fact you are putting yourself out there. Not to mention getting to see how creative you are!

  3. Your blog is great.. I first came to your blog through Telah's, but in the last several days I've seen you all over the scrapbooking online world! :) absolutely love the transparency book in your previous post.

  4. LOVE, Love that quote at the beginning! So true!!
    I also have a real problem with negativity--whether it's online or in the "real" world. Spending time being negative is just a waste of precious energy! We'll just focus on the GOOD, right?
    Can't wait to check out those three links. Love to find new blogs!

  5. hey girl....i so agree with you...it is ashame that it is out there...i have been a victim of it and it hurts! I have told you before...i think you are an amazing person...always stay true to yourself...i learned the hard way...just ignore it. I dont let it effect me anymore!

  6. ps....hoep you have a great day...come out and play!!!!

  7. Thanks for your sweet blogenttry :) I´m very happy to meet you!


  8. I love coming to your blog because it is so inspiring to me...you are too sweet! And I know what you mean about being out of school for 11 years...I'm going on 12 now...where did the time go?! Have a great time with your friend...take lots of pictures for us!

  9. So agree with you. Just came to your blog not long ago somewhere through two peas. Haven't been bloggin long myself and found it difficult to start. I don't like some of the negativity that's been around lately, but it's everywhere. Ignore it and pass it over. Your blog is great, your work is great, and you are very inspiring. Have a great day.