Saturday, January 6, 2007

joys of painting...

it happens every year and i haven't decided if i am a total freak ( i am sure my husband could answer this...LOL!!)...but come on, i can't be the only one who does this...
...well every year we all decorate for christmas and stuff our homes full beautiful ornaments and garlands and of course, a tree!! and every year after all the festivities, it all comes down! and every year, for me, at always looks so empty after...anyone else???

so for me it's a great way to revamp my space and purge for the new year!!! so i rearranged the living room...and this year...i get to paint!!! we live in an old 1970 somthing 3 bdr. usually the option to update and personalize your space is unavailable...but we have a really great building manager!! so we are updating our fire place...just put new bifold closet doors in(courtesy of the buildings owners!!) and now we are painting!!!

i'll let you know later...after hours of painting and sanding, if i am still excited over the prospect...LOL!!! and i will post pics of the finished result later...when it's all pretty and Martha'd!!! have a great day ladies!!!


  1. Good for you sounds like fun and it sounds like you will have lots going on! Missed meeting you today, maybe next time!


  2. i hear ya. my mantle is naked! I am thinking it needs to be home depot'd with the new white marble slab and pillars. If you have an inkling to paint- Kian and Porter's room are still needing a helping hand. Tannis

  3. have fun redecorating!! I'm always sad when the pretty decorations go down, too. The extra space is nice to reclaim, but the blah factor, not so nice.

  4. The only thing I like about taking down the Christmas decorations is finding new ways to decorate--I always do the mantel and the dining room table centerpiece differently, things like that. It's fun!
    I've been painting too! I was up early this morning painting Delaney's room. I love a newly-painted room!