Friday, January 26, 2007

online crops...sick babies...and RAKS...oh my!!!

my poor sweet babe!!!! my little delainey had an intestinal infection!!!! thought it was teething...than the flu...but after her third day of not eating a thing we got a little concerned!! she wasn't even holding milk down. So Jay took in to the clinic thursday night because all she had had in 2 days was pedialyte.

so she has an infection and can't take any of the medication they would normally give, as she is too young...she had to suffer through it!!! The doctor weighed her to see if she was getting dehydrated and she was only 5% dehydrated. my poor baby girl!!! She slept constantly and when she was awake...she had to have her mama!!! and when she was crying because she was do you say..."no, I have to fold the laundry"?? you don't...and my house was disaster and I didn't get to work on a single project!!! oh well...I have been getting extra who cares!!! So, today, her status is...she is doing better and is able to eat some basic solids like dry toast, cheerios, and has been okay with applesauce and milk. YAY!!!!

On the scrapbooking side...maybe it's a good thing I just let my stumped creative juices sit!!! I
participated in an online crop this weekend at pick of the patch...and it was sooooooooooo much fun!!! Those ladies, Kate and Mary, and DT girls who added challenges, know how to put on a crop!!! Their challenges were fabulous!!! There was a total of 22 challenges posted over the weekend (friday night to sunday night) and I got 13 of the 22 completed!!! It was a blast!!! So if you are looking for some inspiration...check out their site for some cool challenge ideas and their gallery is flooded with amazingly talented ladies!!! Ands I have to send a big thanks to my husband...who enabled me to be "not here" so I could sit on my butt in front of the computer and work on these challenges all weekend long!!! I love you babe!So here are a few of my favourites that I got completed this weekend...

Challenge: could only use white cardstock (no pattern paper and no other colour of cardstock)
and any embellishment you wanted...the yellow bit is fabric.

challenge: 50 had to use 50 of some kind of embellie...brads, buttons, flowers, whatever...I used 50 (yes 50...I counted!!!) heidi swapp journalling spots!!
challenge: Use and ad they had posted in the thread...this was my version.

challenge: scraplift one of 3 DT LO's from their gallery...this was scraplifted from Sabine...just loved her LO "a bond like no other"

challenge:Use a had to use one of the POTP kits to create a LO or project. This is from their January kit. This kit is sold out, but there is a picture of it on their home page.

I will post more tomorrow...hope you all had a great weekend and I am now off to make the rounds and give ya'll a little blog love!!!

Oh...and as promised... I purged my scrap space and I have some stuff to give away!!! I think I might have mentioned a RAK in my previous post...LOL!!! I promise this isn't dated stuff from like 10 years ago!!! It's stuff I bought that I liked but didn't really fit my style...or I bought too much of something and don't want to see it on anymore of my pages for fear of them starting to all look the same...LOL!!! The first RAK...(yup there are more than one!!) has to do with shades of all you have to do is, when you post a comment include a link to something green. Could be a photo... a site that has a green background...a LO/project...anything. I will put all names of people who left me link into a basket and draw on Friday, Feb. 2nd. And sorry to my blog pals who live overseas...but I have to keep it to Canada/USA.

Have a fabulous day!!!


  1. I sure hope your baby girl is feeling much better by now!! No fun, for her or Mom (or Dad, natch).

    Awesome layouts!! I peeked in at POTP, lurked a bit, and wrote all the challenges in my little notebook for further inspiration. I agree, wonderful challenges, and I've bunked at Sabine's house at a retreat, she's awesome :)

  2. D'OH, hit the send button too fast!! This is my honepage, my younger two kids love this site, so between the guy in the green circle and the bright header and footer, I see this green a few times a day!

  3. Hey Jessi,

    I'm glad you had a good time this weekend. You did a fabulous job!

    Kate and I love putting on the crops with the help of the DT and we've already started planning March's crop. In fact there's a poll with respect to that crop posted right now. ;)

    As for something green, hmmm, how about this:

    This is a layout I did with the Patch's January kit!!

  4. Hi Jessi, Mary pointed me in the direction of you blog, so I just thought I'd stop by and say thanks for the kind words and thanks so much for joining us for the crop at POTP! Your layouts are SO FANTASTIC. I absolutely LOVE your style. Hope to see you join us in March for the next crop! :) Kate

  5. Oh wow.. another great website. I've never done an online crop, but looks like fun. Your layouts are great.. I especially like the 50 HS journaling tabs.. so creative!

  6. WoW! You have got some great stuff going on!!!!! Unreal! It all looks fab! Have a great night!


  7. Great job on the layouts! So much fun. Hope your little one gets feeling better soon! Here's my link:

    This was my first ever submission to twopeas!

  8. Such great LOs... I have not yet done an online crop, but would like poor typing abilities may inhibit me though...LOL. So sorry your little one was so sick. It is scary when they are little isn't it? How is she doing now? Green... well, it is one of my favorite colors to scrap with so... here is a link I love the scenic route hampton papers, those are some of the best greens!!

  9. very very cool work there my girl.
    hope your little one is better real soon, its so horrible when they are unwell!

  10. Love all your layouts! I love when you get going like that and can just wrap up a bunch of awesome layouts at one time!! My babies were also sick last week!! Not fun for anyone and makes you appreciate the 'regular' days all much more! And for something is a link to my latest layout - which has more than enough green :)

  11. You definitely rocked those challenges girl! Awesome work! I saw them on POTP...even though I'm banned I can still get on...tee hee...there was a lot of great work from all the ladies....Mary and Kate did a great job getting you to create! FAN-FREAKIN-TAB-U-LOUS!

  12. Hope the baby girl is better today. So sad when the little ones get like that. My sixteen year old daughter was sick a few weeks ago and it was, mom, mom. But I don't mind. You don't always get to give em hugs and stuff when they get older so I take advantage when she's sick and needs mom. Anyway, great los, so glad you had such a rockin time. Noticed you stopped by to see my list of 10. It was fun. Haven't blogged much lately, computer issues, sick teenager, etc. Life in general. As always, it's awesome to see your latest blog and a pleasure to see your art. Happy Scrappin. Talk to ya soon.

  13. I have never done an online crop (in fact, was a little confused by how to do it!), but I think I "get it" now! Holy Cow--I can't believe how many layouts you got done!!!! Beautiful job!!!
    And I sure hope that Delainey is feeling better by now (I alwys have to make I spell your Delainey correctly, instead of like my Delaney. LOL)
    See ya!

  14. What happened to that last sentence? ugh. Of course, I meant . . ."I always have to make sure . . ."

  15. hey Jessi! Sorry your little one was feeling so yucky but, hopefully, spirits are better by now. Awesome job on your crop challenges. Love your style!!Weekends don't work around here for me to get much creating time but I've checked out POTP crops on different occasions and, you're right, they do a terrific job.
    Oh, and a link to something green .. how about this ..

    You feelin' up for a little Kermit? ;)

  16. hey girl sorry to hear about the little one being sick... Glad to hear she is doing better!!!! Must of been horrible! Poor little thing!!!

    Beautiful layouts!

  17. Hey, great LOs Jessi!

    A pizza crop sounds like my idea of a great time! mmm pizza!

    Hmm, something green:
    I wonder if this works? It is just a really neat picture, of just, nothing!

  18. look at you go..........what a CHAMP!!!!