Wednesday, January 3, 2007

sweet simplicty...

i have been so busy lately with DT projects and projects that have been gifts, i had forgotten about scrapping just for me!!! little old me and my family!! it was great to put away the DT stuff and have no one to make a gift for and just take the pressure off and relax!!! the LO i am sharing with you is all about a change i have decided to make in my life...simplicity!!! going back to the basics...back to the root...back to what really matters!!! i mean this on so many levels of my life. i had the sweetest moment with my daughter last night and it got me thinking that this is what my life is about...and i LOVE it!!

as most of you know we had a horrible cold/flu go through our house 2 weeks before christmas...well about a week ago dakota started getting this horrible cough again...seriously...he couldn't stop coughing all day, all night. and i could do nothing to make it better for him. and no sooner was the cough getting better in him than haillee picked it up!!! she was up all last night because she couldn't stop. so at 10pm, after listening to her hack and cough since 7pm...i got her up for some snuggles on the couch. i than decided to go for a bubble bath after she seem to settle a little bit on the couch...she asked if she could have a bath with me...and i thought maybe the hot water and steam would do some good. so we added extra can never have too many bubbles!!! i put a dollop of bubbles on her nose and she retalliated...very sassy my four year old is!!! I scooped up an arm load of bubbles and made her the bubble princess...we than proceeded to blow globs of bubbles at each other from off our hands! and last but not least we decided to grow bubble mustaches and beards!!! i realized after i had tucked her back into bed and kissed her good night again, that we don't (as a family) have enough of these sweet and simple moments together.

so i added a goal to my new year's make more time for the simple moments that life gives you. they are sweet, they are precious, and they are to be cherished forever!!! so i am hoping to incorporate that into my scrapbooking...sweet, simple...and focused on what really matters...the moment!!! so take the moment and make it simple!!!


  1. First of all Love the new banner! I wouldn't even know where to start! Love your blog and what you said after all this is what life is about! Thanks for sharing!


  2. beautifully stated Jess. We all can take a lesson from your post I am sure, I know I can!!

  3. We are SO on the same page, aren't we? Just posted yesterday about simple things--btw, I think that's a GREAT resolution to stop and enjoy the simple things more! AND I just posted a few pages I did for a gift album this Christmas. A really simple one, but went over well. I ordered a ton of pics today for ME, so I can scrapbook some personal stuff next! Yay, I can't wait!!

  4. good for is all about the simple moments we have! Cherish them and hold on to them! I live for those moments!

    Have a great day girl...hope to see you saturday if you make it in!