Thursday, January 11, 2007

two for two!!!!

I completed ali's second me this is a real achievement in time management and taking my goals for 2007 seriously(...and no my kids are not starving in some corner all in the name of scrapbooking...I swear!!!LOL) I just am loving this creative groove I am in and I have mananged to...step away from my computer!!!! this darn thing gets me everyday!!!! I start off with a quick check in on love 2 my blog roll...and the next thing I know I am "quickly" checking out some other sites...such as, just like snowflakes (very cute and new site!!!)and than I am following links from other peoples blogs...the next thing I know, my house is still a mess, my morning is gone, and supper is a dream...LOL!!! KD and hot dogs anyone????

anyway here is a LO I created on defining my chosen words...


  1. I LOVE your layout, Jessi!! So great!! This is such a great challenge. I'm really wanting to try it too!
    SO funny about getting sucked into the Web! I also do the same thing. Will get online to just check out a few things, then I'm going from one blog to another (from comments pages), reading many more articles than I need to. Bad, bad . . .
    (I also just posted mine for today.)

  2. WOOHOO...i can post comments again...i have been trying for 3 days now....Gosh freak'n darn it!

    Anyways....awesome layouts are def on a creative mojo run!

    Congrats to dear hubby!

  3. Such a cool layout! I can't beleive you've gotten this done already! Way to go!

  4. Wow, good for you! If it is any consolation it is 3:00 I have been in my studio since 8:30... The sink is full of dishes, my bed isn't made, I am still in my jammies(I really didn't want to admit that) but I have got so much accomplished today, It feels great! Have a great rest of your day... Pizza for supper??

  5. jess this is gorgeous !!!!

  6. Wow! Great LO Jessi! Me too - do the same thing. It's like the web is a huge black hole!

    Have a great day - it's Friday!

  7. This really rocks. I chose to do a quote for mine. I have met both of Ali's challenges this year and it's something I've not done yet. So I'm two for two and looking forward to more. Your lo rocks.