Tuesday, February 6, 2007

i've been tagged!!!

ronda tagged me!!! so much fun!!! told you I would end up with more to babble about...LOL!!! So here goes...

A=Available? been off the market for 9 years thanks to my hubby!!
B=Best Friend - laura...girl I love you and all you mean to me!!!
C= Cake or pie - should I be admitting this??? BOTH!!! black forest cake and pumpkin pie and let's not forget the cheesecake!!!!
D= Drink of choice - pepsi junkie and a stalker of Tim Horton's steeped teas!!!
E= Essential item you use everyday - my phone...hey laura??
F= Favorite color: the colour of the ocean when it's that stormy aqua colour
G= gummie bears or worms- ummmmmmmmm do I admit this too...both and for that matter any of those 5 cent gummie candies...gotta have 'em!!! thoroughly addicted...so bad that my husband has been known to be sent to 7/11 at midnight...LOL!!
H= Hometown - Victoria BC...man I miss it!!!
I= Indulgences - hmmmm...time to myself, scrapbook supplies and looooooong hot bubble baths with $20 bubble bath!!!
J= January or February - February... it stands by itself in that we celebrate love and it only has 28 days...it's different and I love what is different!!!
K= Kids and Names - Dakota, Haillee, and Delainey
L= Life is incomplete without... love, laughter, happineass, and FAMILY!!!
M= Marriage date - Sept 4 2004... we had well established our relationship before we got married...LOL!!!
N=Number of siblings- a sisiter 28, a brother 23, and a baby brother at 13
O= Oranges or apples - oranges...especially orange juice...my favourite breakfast!!
P= Phobias or Fears - the dark...am I a baby or what??!!!
Q= Favorite Quote - I am horrible...there are so many that I like...but I can never remember any!!
R= Reason to smile - as cheesey as this sounds...but every day I wake up and get to love my children is a reason to smile!!!
S= Season - Fall...love the smells...the holidays...the colours...the cozy sweaters and nights by a backyard fire...it has a cozy and homey feel!!!
T= Tag 3 or 4 people - Laura, Cheryl, Sabine, and Chanel...have fun ladies, can't wait to see your answers!!!
U= Unknown fact about me: I moved out of home at 16
V= Vegetable you don’t like - boiled cabbage and brussel sprouts
W= Worst habit - I am very anal about where things go in my house...everything has a place and everything in it's place!!
X= X-rays - twice for my head...yeah, yeah, I can hear all the jokes...LOL!!! my finger when I slammed it in the door and thought it was broke...my ankle when I did break it and my chest!
Y= Your favorite food - I have a love affair with all food...chinese, thai, japenese, french italian...I especially love appetizers of varying kind!!
Z= Zodiac Sign - Sagittarious

Oh...and guess what?? I won Chanel's valentine RAK!!! too cool...thanks Chanel!!


  1. you've made me cry....I love you too and I treasure our friendship more each day. Friends like you don't come around very often.

  2. Great tag list... I am supposed to get mine up tonight...we'll see. I am watching the Unit and just stepped in here during a commercial!!LOL... Congrats on winning Chanel's RAK!!!

  3. Loved reading about you Jessi - and you tagged me - oh my, I have never been tagged before - now what do I do?? LOL Copy and paste into my blog?? Well alrighty, that's what I'll do then :) LOL.

  4. So cool to read all about you, and congrats on winning the RAK!!

  5. Loved learning all that new stuff about you! How sweet you are to your best friend!

  6. Fun stuff Jess..love learning more about you...and I missed your V-Day RAK (it's the age I tell ya')...so if you feel compassion toward the elderly, make me one to give to my sweetie...puhleez!!!!

  7. congrats on winning the RAK!!! great tag girl...I've learned so much!!! lol

  8. Fun to get to know you better! Congrats on winning that RAK (I guess you do reap what you sow - you gave me one and now you get one! Yipee!) Love your new banner too! Have a great day Jessi! Kim

  9. I love how you described your favourite colour! :)

  10. So cool to see those answers. I love that RAK card of Chanel! So great you won!

  11. What a FUN tag! Love it...love reading all your ABC's too...this is AWESOME! xoxo Loves, K