Wednesday, February 14, 2007

love is...

love is beautiful

love is a smile just because

love is forgiving

love is knowing imperfection

love is long distance phone calls

love is pedicures...(have I said how much I appreciate your friendship lauara???)

love isn't blind, just tolerant

love is powerful

love is peace

love is an early morning dogpile from your children on your these wake up calls!!!

love is holding a child

love is holding your significant other

love is cold washclothes (thanks for your care babe!!)

love is a celebration

love is homemade cookies....with sprinkles on top!!

Thanks cheryl for the inspiration with your Love Is statement!!! This will make awesome journalling for a page!!!! I encourage all of you to look at what love is and post them on your blog or in my comment section...can't wait to see what love you!!!!

Oh about sending some of your warm austrlian weather this is so cold today!!! Woke up to about minus 30 with windchill!!! so tired of winter...LOL!!!!

DENISE...I owe you a big apology!!! why?? well for a stupid moment...I recieved your RAK back...because I wrote your postalcode wrong...grrrr!!! So I's ready to go, properly addressed, for you should recieve it next week!!! Again....sorry, sorry, sorry!!!

This is how my day is shaping up so far...gotta love it!!!

did you see the tights??? my daughters favourite thing to do of late, is dress herself with whatever she can find!!! And today after dressing herself she danced with Elmo!!!

Now I have to go to work...I have a class to organize and put together...and...shhhhhhhhhh...don't tell anyone, but I still have tp put the project together, and it has to be at the store tomorrow...eek!!! I can't believe how last minute I have left it...but I can totally justify...Mom-of-the-Year-Award coming this way, I tell ya(you just shush laura...LOL!!!)!!! I made 5 dozen of those sweet cookies you saw above, coloured ice shapes for my son (they build ice castles at the valentines party at school), made mongram magnets with my kids for all their friends at school, did valentines cards (yeah, shush here to Laura!!) with my kids for school...see I have been busy!!! So now I have to turn off my compute...I know...blasphemy!!! and get my butt in gear!!!

So happy Valentines day ladies!!! celebrate, live, and make some love!!!!!


  1. go martha, go martha... been busy too. Just a note- pics are at my house on the 19th at 11:00 if you can make it. Superstore totally screwed us! Talk to ya soon. P.s.will phone you tomorrow about Porter, dad may drive him

  2. Happy Love Day! Saw your little project yesterday - it's really beautiful! Have fun putting your kits together! See you on Monday! Kim

  3. Me love cookies....especially with lots of icing....Happy V Day!

  4. Love the love list! I will be doing that! Thanks for the inspo....the cookies looks yummy!

  5. Happy Happy Valentine's Day!!! Love the leggings fashion statement!

  6. sounds cold ... brrrr! happy valentines to you to sweetie!

  7. Girl... thanks so much for the comments! So fun about my scrapjacked fave!!! Anywho... ur lil girl is just too funny!!! xoxo

  8. what a girl just like her sissy i think still working on getting that sunday off my not get it but i will be there for a bit anyway just let me know the address to !!

  9. Love your love statements. Your DD is so cute with the tights on the head. Anthony used to put Lexi's tights on and dance! LOL! 5 Dozen cookies! WOW

  10. Those cookies look so yummy! "Mom of the Year" coming your way for sure!

  11. Jessi I just love your love em...gotta be honest though had a hard time reading them I was so caught up giggling my butt off at your dd. Mine (both of them) used to do the same they just do it to the dogs (lol. That just made my day I laughed so hard.