Thursday, February 22, 2007

proud mama and thanks chanel

WARNING: proud mommy moment ahead...viewer discretion is advised. content may contain mushy, sappy, and ain't my kid the best rantings!!

So my son struggled all last year with kindergarten and the school told us that he has a learning disability. I kept questioning the things they were teaching the kids in seemed very advanced...but hey maybe that was because all I had to compare it to was my kindergarten experience 25 years ago..LOL!!! His birthday is in december so he started last when he was four. The school recommended that he do a transition year...kindergarten in the morning and grade 1 in the afternoon. This way he would be prepared for a full year of gr.1. well his gr. 1 teacher SUCKED!! She made the whole situation worse for my son and he was getting so frustrated... that we pulled him out of gr.1 and now he is just repeating kindergarten. Today was the the schools spell-a-thon!! last year was a disaster for my son...this year??? oh yeah!!! my kid totally rocks!!! he spelled every word 100% right!!! what a 180 for my son!! I am so proud of proud to see him come out on top despite all the changes and struggles with school!!!

On an aside...we (myself, my hubby and few other parents who have had the opportunity to work with him at school everyday) think that maybe it's not so much a learning disability as he was just too young to start kindergarten last year!! This year he is just getting it...and enjoying it!!! So here's to you Dakota...I love you and I am so proud of your all your achievements this year!!

Alright...I got my butt in gear and tooko the pics of that journal my mom bought me in Edmonton!! The pictures don't do it justice!! You really have to see it...and feel get the beauty of this journal...LOl!!!

Chanel...thank you soooooooooooooooooooo much for the cute little valentines RAK I recieved in the mail today!!! Love happy mail days!!! Check it out...

For all you local girls...I will be co-teaching a journalling class at Scrapbooker's Paradise...I am not sure what the date is yet...but I can get back to you on that!!! The class will explore 5 different ways of journaling instead of explaing what your photo already says!! I think the class will be awesome...and we' re going to wrap up all the different ways of journaling in a cute little acordian album!! I had so much fun doing mine!!

And last but not least... hope ya'll have a rocking night!!! I am off to watch survivor and canandian deal or no deal!!! ciao for now my friends!!!


  1. hey jessi i am with you on the to young thing jesse was like that last year i could not get the kid to sit still so i never sent him to kindergarden i left it till this year and man he reads he can spell he enjoys school he has fun and guess what he is smart everyone argued with me last year about sending him i was against it from the start and held my guns !! good for you dakota so proud of you !!!!

  2. love the album and the journal jessi!!!

  3. Now that is something to be proud of! 3 cheers for Dakota! Love that minibook you created! Have a great day Jessi! Kim

  4. Yay, for Dakota! That's great he did very well on the spelling bee and w/your encouragement and support he got through it. Love, love the accordion album you made. Wow! Can't wait to see the cj you made. Love also the journal that your mom bought for you.

  5. This is such a cute little album, the journalling class sounds good, love telling the story!!

  6. Ooh Jessi, I love the journaling accordian!