Saturday, February 24, 2007

tagged by stacey...

1. find the nearest book

oh *groan* have to actually go find a book...LOL...haven't been able to read a whole lot lately!!! give me a minute....k...I actually found one that I just finished reading ( the only time I get to read is in a relaxing bath at night...LOL!!!) the book and author

don't know if I should really be admitting this...but, The Magic of You by Johanna Lindsay...I know, pure trash...and I should be embarrased that I don't read enlightening books...but whatever!!! I read for the mindless relaxation it brings...don't want to think...heehee!!

3.turn to page 123

eek...this might need a viewer discretion warning...just a sec...

4.go to the 5th sentence on the page & copy out the next 3 lines onto your blog

"Go away."
She lowered her gaze from his. "I can't. I sent the carriage off."
He exploded. "What the hell did you do that for?"

oh...phew!! that wasn't so bad!!! could have been worse...wink, wink!! just picture where that scene was headed...LOL!!!!

5. tag 3 more people

alright... I am going to tag Linda, Telah, and Mary...have fun ladies!!

Alright...short post today!!! I am off to work on my circle journal a bit more and tomorrow I am hosting a stampin' up party....mmmmm...stamps!!! Tammy...this girl rocks!!! is coming down from edmonton to hang out...too cool...can't wait to see you chica!! Kim and Stacey are also headed over!!! My good cousin, Tannis...well she bailed on this little party to go to Mexico!!! what nerve hey??? LOL!!! Probably would've have bailed on my own party if I could've gone...LOL!!! Hope you're having a blast Tannis!!!!

ciao chicas!!!!


  1. That's the fun of reading books you can read anything you want, not like reading school books (yuck!). Have a wonderful night and have fun at your stamp party!

  2. funny. I will get this up tomorrow! How fun it will be.

  3. Cute post! Stamping party sounds like fun!

  4. Such a fun post!!! You're right--it could have been much trashier! LOL