Thursday, February 8, 2007

the good stuff

So I have sooooooooooooooooooo much to share!!!! a little of this and a little that!!! hmmmmmmmm...where to start... son was in dire need of a hair was getting long and not in a good way...LOL!!! so I asked him how he would his like and cut and he said like his daddy's...I totally cringed!!! Love the cut my husband has, suits him...helps hide the balding spots...LOL!!! shhhhhhhhh don't tell him I blogged that little secret!!! but my son has beautiful blond hair and now....well I will just show you... he is still a handsome little cutie...I would just like a little more hair!!!

My baby girl has the cutest smile...she scrinches up her nose and squints her eyes and just looks soooooo darn cute...finally caught a picture of it...

too it!!! and while I was taking these pictures my other daughter says..."mama, can I take some pictures of you???" so here is the result of that question...

moving on...remember my high school girlfriend who came to visit??? well after she left here she trekked herself all the way to my hometown Island...and sent me some awesome pictures of a beach that I spent a lot of time at!!! Used to walk there everyday and sit...just sit...oh, how I miss the powers of the ocean!!! just thought I would share some of the beauty...


Alright ladies...all you gals who had stuff being mailed to them by's in the mail and on the way...hope ya'll enjoy it!!!

and last there have been a few qustions on my Valentines day I thought I would spill the secrets on how I made it!!!

overhead projector transparency, pattern paper, cardstock, 2 photo hangers,2 brads, foam corner stamp( I used a making memories one), foam letter stamps (I used heidi swapp SHE), two lengths of ribbon, corner rounder, and 6 flowers(I used prima), 2 colours of paint, ink

cut your transparency to a 4.5 inch by 10 inch length, score the card at 2.5 inch intervals, and fold accordian style.

using your corner stamp and 1 colour of paint stamp the front top right corner and the back left bottom corner.

cut card stock and pattern paper to 4 2 inch by 1.5 inch rectangles, round the corners, ink the edges, stamp a letter from the word LOVE on each patterned rectangle.

adhere the pattern rectangles to the front of the card on the face of each each fold, line up the cardstock rectangles with the patterned ones and adhere to the back of the card.

slide the photo hangers onto the "L" end and the "E" end, secure with a brad. Hide the back side of the brad by groupng the flowers around the corners of the rectangle. Tie ribbon to the loop of the photo hanger, fold card together and tie shut with ribbon.

So if any of you make one of these...don't forget to share the end result...kay??

Now I am off to shower and make myself pretty...possible??? well somedays are better than others..LOL!!! but my kids would probably enjoy seeing their mom as something other than "that-pajama-lady-with-the-severe-bed-head-sitting-over-there-in-the-corner-hunched-over -the-computer" every once in awhile!!!! but on days like today...when the kids don't have any school and it's cold and snowy...I am so chanting with you Jude...pajama's are clothes!!!!

so have a great day...and I will leave you with...

i love love me...we're a happy family...with a great big hug and a kiss from me to you...won't you say you love me too!!!!

are you picturing that big purple dinosaur in head... and I bet you read the whole verse even when you knew where it was going to lead...didn't you!!!! happy singing..LOL!!!


  1. Your son is so handsome! I know exactly how you feel about the hair. I nearly cried when my son got his hair cut short too! And WHERE have I been...apparently I missed several of your posts somehow! I think sometimes Blogger forgets to update certain blogs for me...either that or I'm just crazy!

  2. Such cuties! (You included) Those photos make me miss Vancouver Island (and I grew up in Edmonton - I just love the island, especially Tofino!) Have a great day and I agree with you and Jude pajamas are clothes! kim

  3. Cute, cute pics...and yes I was singing Barney - and swaying a little too :)

  4. was there ever a questions as to otherwise i think i have more pj pants then jeans tee hee!!!!!

  5. cute pics .... i have completed the tag, thanks hun! it was fun .. and fun reading everyone elses. have a great day

  6. Awesome pictures, of your cuties and of the coast! My older son always buzzed his hair, now he has the floppy hockey-hair mane. The buzz is much easier to take care of, lol!

  7. Hi, Jessi! Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog, what a beautiful family you have! Love the pix of the beach, too. I really, really like how you did the transparency, that is just too awesome!

  8. You nut. Yes I did read the whole thing and thought about my daughters purple dinosaur that she slept with, ate with, and wouldn't leave anywhere.....that was years ago. Man,tooo funny. I posted pics today of one of my favorite beaches too. Love the beach, having grown up in the SF Valley, CA used to go to Malibu almost everyday. Love the pics. Mostly, love that scrunched up smile on baby girl.

  9. Those are awesome photos Jessi, your kids are so adorable.

  10. barney? seriously...when we are all humming that in grocery stores- we will give out your name...and I'm not kidding. Awesome beach pics, wish I was there

  11. Wonderful pictures of all of you!! Such cuties (you too--love your pic!)

  12. I think you little man looks so handsome and you can still see his beautiful blond hair. How cute is your daughter & I love the shot of you! Thanks for all tips way cool!

  13. love that Delainey face...too cute! Nice pic of you too. Those beach pics are fabulous, you should for sure blow a couple of them up for the house.