Tuesday, February 6, 2007

the symbol I love...

Art Journal Challenge, week #4...what symbol do you love? This is the first thing that came to mind as soon as I read the question...I love being Canadian and all it represents...it's part of who I am.

Now you are probably all wondering who won the Valentines Card?? can I just just say thanks for all your sweet comments on it...it was so much fun to make!!! I will post the instructions and supplies so you can all make your own. Now...my husband did the drawing...so..............................

CONGRATULATIONS LEAH!!!!! if you can email me your address, I can pop it in to the mail today and hopefully you will receive it before Valentines!!!

I went to a little hometown crop this weekend and had soooooooooooooo much fun!!! I got to meet Kim (Mrs. Bean from L2S) and got to catch up with Stacey...haven't seen you ages!!! And got to hang out with my cousin, Tannis....which I also haven't done in awhile!!! It was good times just gaggling with girls...and I actually got some stuff done...imagine that!!! Can't wait to do it again!!

I do have some exciting news to share...I have been asked to be guest designer on another site!!!!! How exciting is that?!!! I can't say what site right yet...as I haven't had confirmation as to whether or not I can spill the beans...but I am too excited to not share a little of the news anonymously. As soon as I have the go ahead I will let you all now which site!!!

wow...that's it, that's all I have for right now....no babbling on and on and on!!! huh...imagine that...a nice short post!! didn't think it was possible but there it is!!!! I am sure I will be posting later...as this is not normal postng behaviour and I am sure something to babble about will come my way...LOL!!!

and don't forget...I'm stuck on bandaids...cause bandaid's stuck on me!!! happy singing...cause I know ya'll are...LOL!!! have a fabulous day ladies!!!


  1. Love the symbol card Jessi. Just beautiful I should do a deck of me. Been so busy lately though. But it would be good for me too. Keeps you in touch with yourself. Anyway, I was just checking into your blog and saw it. Beautiful girl. Hope your day rocks. Linda

  2. What a great card Jessi! My pastor is from Canada... deos this mean you eat fries with brown gravy and call the letter z "zed" ??? LOL... Glad you had a fun crop, and I can't wait to hear who you will be geust designer for!!

  3. Sounds like your hometown crop was a BLAST!!! Nothing like it!!
    Love your symbol and card. We love you Canadiens too!

  4. CIA...........do yo know what this means?? CONGRATULATIONS IN ADVANCE!!! LOL!!

    WTG.......look forward to the breaking news.....the site has made a wise choice for guest designer, love your work!!!!

  5. Awesome symbol! I love being canadian too! Can't wait to scrap with you again! Kim

  6. Love your card!!!! Awesome! so much fun to get together and scrap with peeps that you haven't seen in awhile! I love it! Congrats on your guest designer, you totally deserve it! Have a great day!


  7. your cards rock. they are totally cool.. sorry i haven't stopped by for a bit, its just been crazy, crazy lately!
    don't you love this challenge, so damn cute.
    also the valentine's card is sweet. how cool you won my RAK!:-)

  8. Jess...thanks a lot...now I'm singin' that damn song..at the top of my lungs and in my pj's even...only in Canada is this acceptable....lol

    So congrats on being asked to be a guest designer! So excited for you! Can't wait to see you rock it out!

  9. Great card! Love the colors.. and how cool I won my first RAK! I sent ya email with my address. Thanks so much!

  10. Love this card Jessi! Very cool.

  11. Thanks Jessi - I'll be humming that tune for a while I'm sure. HA!

    Great news on the GDT spot. Can't wait for you to spill the beans.

  12. Love the card you made! You keep coming up with the coolest project ideas! Congrats on the invite for the design team! And congrats to Leah on winning the RAK...that is so cool!
    thanks for sharing that tag....it was cool to learn a little bit about you!
    Take care and have a great day!

  13. Love your symbol! I can totally relate! Didn't know Tannis is your cousin! So glad you got a chance to crop!