Monday, February 26, 2007

walk of fame here i come...

who is that girl??? is she famous??? okay maybe no one will be stopping me on the streets to ask for my autograph...but this week I am getting a little recognition over at Scrapgalaxy!!! Yup...that guest designer spot I was talking about a little bit ago?? This is where it's all taking place...I am Scrapgalaxies guest designer for this week!! How cool is that??!!!

It was so funny when Jessica sent me a questionnaire to answer...I felt all celebrity like...predicting scrapping trends for the future!!! answering questions about that was hard, but go check it out!!! I will be there all week folks!!!

So being that I am in such a good mood I have a RAK for ya'll!!! I didn't forget about all that stuff I purged from my scrap area...LOL!! Denise got hers and she says she loves it!!! hope you're haviing a blast using it Denise!!! So this time all you have to do is leave a comment and link me up to a LO that you have created using the colours orange and pink in it somewhere!! That's a hint into to the RAK...heehee!!! I will draw a name on wednesday!! And I have found out that I can add you gals in Australlia into the mix too...yay!!! So any of my blog pals from canada, u.s, and australia have fun!!!!

and now for the CJ is just about done and ready for the mail!!!! I just have to complete my 2 pg no are not the only one leaving the mailing sown to the wire...LOL!!! mine will probably go out on the 28th...leaving it til the very last minute...LOL!!! I have been in a bit of a creative has been taking a really long time to turn out a 2 days to do A page!!! but I digress...ya'll want a snaek peak of what I have done so far??? drum roll please (keep the spirit of being a celebrity...LOL!!!)

this is the cover...

this is the title page

this is an extra page I added explaining why I chose this theme...

my instruction page...

my sign in pages...

So what do ya think??? I love how it turned out!! I got the idea for my album from Ronda...she had posted an album on her blog awhile back that she hard made with cardboard from a box for her blogging pals...I loved it!!! I was checking out her blog a few days ago and she has posted her CJ's another cardboard box album too!! But hers looks so different from mine.

Can you believe I have been working on this for 2 weeks??? I told you the production line is slow these days...LOL!!!

And lastly...I had a photo shoot at my cousin's last monday (yes, the same cousin who is partying in mexico as we speak...LOL!!!! no I am not jealous...I am loving all this snow and cold temperatures!!! LOL!!) and here are some of the photo's she took of yours truly...

and here is one of the four of was total fun!!! my fun face was more funny looking...but whatever...that's life...can't be beautiful all the time!!! but do you see Kim?? what a cutie she is , hey??

My Stampin' up party was fun!!! Tammy ended up sick so was unable to come down...pouting!!! hope you get better real soon!!! And so it was just me and kim and stace!!! I had a few outside for hostess benefits, I still did quite free stuff!!! Stacey hung around after to scrap and was cool!! Had a blas t thanks for coming, we will have to get together real soon!!!

so you ladies have a fabulous day!!!! chow chica's!!!!! ( heehee...just for you telah!!!)


  1. k love how that journal turned out i was looking at rondas today in fact and they both look good so far congrats on the scrap galaxy guest spot to cool !!!! see ya soon shantal mentioned this morning that she was feeling better and wanted to com and play with hailey so we should soon total fun back to getting my house somewhat clean so the sitter can come while i go to work yuck have a great day !!! and put me in for that rak to always needing something cool i should purge to !! lol!!

  2. Hey Jessi - I had a great time yesterday! looking forward to getting my loot! Loving that circle journal - so pretty and funky! (And thanks! About the cute). Hope you have a great day! Love those photos of you! Kim

  3. Forgot to congradulate you girl -- so proud of you for the Scrapgalaxy guest design spot! You deserve it! Kim

  4. Wow, your CJ is awesome!!!! I absolutely love it :) Congrats on your guest DT spot, I'm off to have a look. And those photos of you are gorgeous!

  5. I found your site off Lynns. The journal is gorgeous! And congratulations on scrapgalaxy! That's exciting! Anne

  6. You, Karla, Amber....I'm cj'ing with the famous.....Congrats on the scrapgalxy spot, that rocks. I can't wait til your cj comes my way, its awesome. L

  7. Oh...I meant to tell you how good those pics of you are! Will those be the ones you send out with your autograph? Put me on that list! I want one. :)

  8. that journal is FABULOUS!! the DT stuff is great and those pics are awesome. Glad the party was a success without me ordering...sorry 'bout, sometimes they get in the way of my fun!! no link to anything pink/orange cause it might look suspicious if I won...hehehe

  9. yeah, i am partying it up...jeanette got busted by the cops and almost went to el jailo, i was a good girl and went to our room to have a nap...missin my baby and i am not crazy brown yet, too much sleepin in. did ya order me lots of cool stamps, cant wait to get home and open em up, c ya soon

  10. still feeling really bummed out about not being able to we ear is itching me liek crazy ang my throat feels like it is on fire....GORGEOUS circle journal are really finding your it. GREAT pictures of you and the girls!!!!!

  11. jessi - just trying to log into my blog the back way...I'm having problems ...will explain later

  12. Wow, your CJ is absolutely gorgeous, and I can imagine it only looks even more wonderful IRL!!!! Congrats on your guest DT spot, I'll have to have a peek. Oh, and BTW, awesome photos!