Tuesday, March 6, 2007

for my alabama friends...

This one is for Telah and Cheryl!!! Thanks for your sweet concern about my whereabouts!! I have no fabulous reason as to why I have been far and few between in my posts and my visits!!! all I can say is...life: a bunch of little things that collide together to create a busier than normal routine and leave things like sacred computer time to a minimum!!!

My girls got sick with a cold. Haillee started complaining about a sore throat on friday and all weekend she looked like a zombie with a heartbeat!!! She was running a temperature and missed school yesterday too!! Delainey also got the cough and snotty nose...as to the sore throat...well...as she is only 15 months...the jury is still out on that one!!!

My husband has finally made a decision about his work and with that comes a decision about our life!!! He has decided to stay with the company he is working for. Which leaves us making Alberta our home a little while longer. I fully support his decision...but I am a little sad about not moving back to B.C.!! He just finished his apprenticeship in December, as most of you know, and is already being considered to run 2 major job sites coming up in our town!!! But the thing that speaks the most about this company is they have always allowed Jason to put his family first!!! They have been amazingly flexible and gracious in this!!! Jason has been a part of the kids' afternoon school functions...extra curricular activities...he has been there every birth of his children...he was with me for every doctor's visit and extra trips to the hospital when I was prgnant...he was home taking care of me when I had my breakdown...he had all the time he needed when He got really sick almost 2 years ago (for those curious see this post...i smiled) This company has treated my husband so well!! It also helps that they have one of the best benefit programs and are thehighest paying company in this area!!! In other words...it makes it really hard to want to give up a company like that!!! Jason would be able to get another job...easy...and probably with a good company...but there are only a few companies that treat their employees like this one does and only a few companies that I would label absolutely fabulous!!! So we stay!!! which means...we are now looking at buying a house!!!! totally excited...will keep you posted on this endeavor!!!

And we are down to one computer again!!! We gave up the laptop so we are back to sharing computer time!! which hasn't been that bad...but restricts how often I am able to get at it...LOL!!!

so like I said...life...it's been good but busy!!! so please forgive me my absence!!! Now...there are a few blogs that I totally need to talk about!!! First...Telah...she has hit the 100 mark on her blog and has a cool RAK going on!!! All she wants to celebrate her hundredth post is a hundred comments!!! commentors 25, 50, 75, and 100 get a RAK from her...so give her some love and celebrate with her!!!! And the second blog I want to share with you is Josh's!! I came across his blog through his "uber" cool wife, Amber...one of my CJ buddies!!! Josh is doing some pretty cool things digitally with photoshop that are just too cool!!! And if you're checking out Josh's blog...you gotta check out Amber's too...very cool chica...with a lot of cool scrapping stuff to share!!! And they are just about the cutest couple I have ever seen!!!

alright...another apology...I have nothing creative to share with you!!! I ahve been scrapping...but I have yet to upload all my latest onto the computer for show and tell. It doesn't help that my scanner isn't plugged in and I can't figure out how to...and I keep forgetting to ask my husband to do it for me!!! LOL!! So, as soon as that happens... I will share all!!! But I will leave you with some cute photo's of the cutest kids ever!!!!

delainey finally figured out how to climb onto the kitchen chairs herself!!!! pretty darn proud of herself!!!

every now and than haillee decides she's a boy...just like her BIG brother!!! this is her tough guy gangster face!!
and dakota...we just love him!!! he got these PJ's for christmas and we are so use to seeing him in baggy clothes that it was funny to see just how scrawny my kid is...LOL!! Jason nicknamed him tight boy the first night he wore these...so on this night he came flying out of his romm shouting...dah-dah-nanana...I'm tight boy!!!
so ciao for now my firends...oh...go congratulate jude...she's got some cool news to share...so go and share in her happinness!!!


  1. Those kinds of companies are hard to find esp. when they give you a lot of time to do things for your family, kudos for his company! Cute pix of the kids. Goodluck on your house hunting!

  2. How cute are those kiddos!!?? And u are so sweet to talk bout Josh and I!!! Thanks so much! xoxo

  3. totally great pics of the kid definitely so sweeeeeet! It would b very hard to leave a job like that! My hubby is self employed and there are no perks, when you don't work, you don't get paid simple as that!!! No benefits no perks so stay put hunny, nothing wrong with Alberta!!! Besides if you are in B.C. I might not get to meet you!! Good luck on house hunting that wil be something to look forward to! Have a great day! Can't wait to see your new projects!!

  4. Sounds like your hubby is working for a great company. Great pics of your kids.. so cute!

  5. So I was all hunting for you and then it takes me 2 days to comment! Wrong, I know. I guess I can say that "life" has gotten in my way of reading through everyone's blogs and commenting. I'm happy that you and your husband came to a peaceful decision about his job. My hubby has a job with a wonderful company too and it means so much for us! Good luck with your house hunting now. Super cute pics of your little ones! And a big thank you for showing the love for me and my 100th post.