Monday, March 26, 2007

sit down and read awhile!!!

HAPPY MONDAY!!! and no groaning...mondays are good!! I had a fabulous weekend and am in a fabulous mood!!! I participated in another Pick of the Patch online crop!!! if you haven't done should!!! I am happy to say that my corruptive ways are still corruptive...LOL...I noticed a couple of my favourite bama girls there!!! Telah and Leah joined in on the crop throughout the glad you girls got to join in on the fun!!!! It was a blast...mary and Kate really know how to put on a crop...fabulous challenges!!! I didn't get as much done this time as I wanted there are a few challenges I still want to do!!!

Here's some of what I did do...

challenge: use eyelets...yes i said eyelets!!! had to use 15 of them...I actually had to go hunting for my eyelets, took me a half hour to find them...LOL!!!

challenge: scraplifet a LO from the design team...I lifted roni's!!

challenge: make it count...had to use 1 bookplate, 2 photo turns, 3 stars, 4 pattern papers, and 5 brads

challenge: use 25 flowers on a, everyone who knows me, knows how much I love flowers!!! LOL!!!

challenge: alter it...I used the prima ribbon holder to make a cute little mini album for my daughter!!

challenge: to use 3 different decorative edged scissors and 3 colours of cardstock, I only own 2 pairs of deco scissors...but they were also counting straight edged scissors too...lucky me!!!

challenge: use this sketch (which is in the POTP monthly newsletter) to create a LO

challenge: stamps!! this one was fun to do and I got to use stamps that i rarely use!!

challenge: life happens...a journalling challenge that required you to journal about a life changing event...this LO touches on an emotional breakdown I had back in September. The journalling reads...
we all have fear...silly fears, real fears. I let mine get the better of me. I have struggled as a mother, wife, friend and women since delainey was born. I have no idea why having my third baby affected me so severly. I just know it did. I had this deep seated fear that I wasn't going to be around to raise my children. it all started with a minor pain in my chest which led to me thinking of things like cancer and heart disease. So big did this fear become that I stopped functioning. I could do nothing but dwell. it was not a happy place...but through love and self reflection I have faced the darkenss. uncertain of where it might lead. Questioning everything I am and everything I know. Uncertainty in myself as a wife, mother, and women led me to self doubt.and even though i may question myself everyday i know this journey has made me stronger. this journey gave me the power to know myself and my strengths. this journey gave my fears and doubts the reality needed to fight them. this journey gave my uncertainties...certainty. this journey is still ongoing.
Wow...I have a sneaking suspicion that this is going to be a looooooooooooong you might as well go get some more coffee and get comfy for the rest of this...LOL...yes I am very confident ya'll will sit through and read this...why so confident?? because ya'll love me...heehee!!!

I have completed my CJ entry in Karla's album...and I love how it turned out!!! Her album was about fears...and it was a great topic to get deep on!! here's a sneak peak...

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I am sooooooooooooooooooo behind on the art card challenges from is a catch up day for me!!! I am going to get the 5...I know, how do you let 5 weeks go on such an amzing challenge go??? but yes I am going to get all 5 done today so I can post them for you tomorrow!!!

One of the reson's I didn't get as much done at the crop was...I went to a yuk yuk's performance!!! OMGosh it was sooooooooo much fun!!! It was nice for my hubby and me to get out for an adult night together with some other adults!!! We went with my cousin, Tannis, Todd, and a couple of Tannis' friends, Cerys, Matt, and Sally. We laughed our butts off and had a few drinks and some nacho's and was good times!! Can't wait to do that again!!!! But I was so tired on Sunday I didn't do much participating in the crop...I got one LO done and by 2pm I decided to stop even trying to be creative and lounged on my couch reading a good trashy romance novel!!!!

Spring break has officially I am going to enjoy the beautiful day we are having here and go have a shower so I can take my kids to the park!!! So glad that winter is finally leaving us...everyone always gets cabin fever by this getting outside and to the parks is always exciting!!! And lastly... the class descriptions are up on the Canada's Scrapbooking Crop for Kids, so go check it out!!! Registration for this fabulous event starts on March 30th...I am so excited!!!
and because I love ya'll soooooooooooooooooooo much here's a little something for you (just for you Tannis, because I love you , don't you know!!!)...

the wheel's on the bus go round and round...round and round...round and round!!
the wheel's on the bus go round and round...all day long!!

Have a fabulous day ladies!!!


  1. girl... ur rocked those challenges! awesome! love those hun! can't wait to get K's cj to see ur lo! xoxo

  2. You did some great work girl. Your layouts are some scraplifting material. LOL I totally enjoyed the crop and will plan on participating in May for sure.

  3. Look at all that amazing art! Loving your work as always Jessi! Can't wait till I start having some energy again - let the scrapping begin! Have a great day! Kim

  4. jess i hope you had fun i was stuck on the couch thanks to this cast thing not liking that very much!!! i am bound and determined to get something done sooner or later i have all this time off i should be scrapping my brains and well not happening i need to get in on a circle really loving how yours turned out !!!!!!!!want to make a special something for my blog???

  5. those Lo's are fabulous!

  6. Holy layouts!!! What a great bunch of work you accomplished there - really like them all!!

  7. WOW! I mean WOW! You have been one busy girl. I love all of them. They are way too cool. Again....WOW!

  8. great layouts are on a roll...hope the rest of your week is just as good...enjoy your spring break with the kiddies...hope to talk to you soon...later dude!

  9. I just found your blog and was looking through it! I absolutely LOVE your layouts! You have such a beautiful style! Thanks for sharing them...I can't wait to see more :)