Wednesday, April 25, 2007

ever have one of those...

nights?? Followed by one of those days??? Holy Hannah!!! I have some scrap projects due by the end of this month and I have put some pressure on here I was scrapping til 11pm...and what did I accomplish...a Lo I absolutely hate and am gong to rip apart and redo, finished a LO that I had already started and love...and got nothing of what needed to be done!!! grrrr!! So I thought I would go to bed early...early being 11pm. Those of you who can crawl to bed by or before have my admiration!!! Honestly though....I get more down in the later hours of evening. I actually prefer to do my cleaning than to!!

Anyway, I here I am laying in bed trying to go to sleep and realize...nope, I gotta get up and go pee. get back into bed....realize now that I have a ferorcious snoring beast sleeping beside me!!! Nudge him a few times...elbow him a few more...getting cranky...cuz now it's 12:30am. Laying there I come to the conclusion that sleep is going to be eluding me in my bed...move to the couch...toss and turn the rest of the night. The ferocious snoring beast wakes me at 5:00am because he has to go to work...move back to bed, only to discover that my son has taken it over and I have to fight for my fair share!!! 5:30am I bolt of bed...check to make sure what i heard was daughter, haillee, screaming in her room, very distraughtly (is that a word??? well it is now!!!)...HELP ME....SOMEONE SAVE ME....HEEEELLLLLLLLPPPP....SOMEONE SAVE ME PLEASE!!!!! Thinking to myself she is having a doozey of a night her door, turn on the light...she is in the corner of her closet (which is right beside the door)...honey, what's the matter??? I got lost she says and I had to go pee and I couldn't open the door...well that's because there is no door in the closet!!! My husband had put cardboard in her window because now that it's lighter longer she won't go to sleep at bedtime...but he closes the kids' door in the mornings so he doesn't wake them up. Needless to's pitch black in her room with the door I can totally understand how she got lost!! She misjudge where she was walking when she left her bed...poor kid!! so I hugged her, tucked her back into bed and went back to bed myself. Should have just gotten up than...because I was kicked some more by my son and delainey woke up at 5:50am, which started a chain reaction...Dakota woke up and decided he was going to be the best big brother ever and get Delainey out of her crib and put her in bed with me!!! Did I mention that sleep is overrated???

Fine...I'll get up...get everyone breakfast...get everyone dressed...have a shower...make myself beautiful, (yes, that is still possible depending on the day!!!), get my daughter's stuff organized for her dance Tannis in a panic begging her to please watch delainey while I am at the dance studio all morning (thanks muchly Tannis!!)...get my son to school...come home...make sure I have everything needed for Haillee's dance pictures...drop Delainey off...get to the dance studio.

And let's just say that it was a long morning there...Haillee is in 2 dance classes, ballet/jazz and tap, back to pictures were back to back and they expect you to be there an hour before the photo time to get into costume...only her ballet/jazz is a performance class...but they do 3-4 photo's of each girl invidually in about 2 different poses and than they do group!! So of course...nothing ever works on schedule and all these girls still have dance class to go to after pictures!!! I was at the studio from 9:40am to 12pm and had to rush to pick my son up at school and than go pick up Delainey from my cousin's!!!

So it's after lunch and Delainey is napping...Haillee (who doesn't have school today) and Dakota are outside helping they're nana do the gardening and yard clean up of our apartments ( for those who don't mom is the building manager of the building we live in) and I am updating my blog and possibly considering a nap!!!LOL!!!

But my day still has lots left to do...have to meet Tannis later to discuss some stuff!!! And I have to get my projects started and done...and of course, there is household stuff to get done which I am probably going to play hookey from today...LOL!!! I do have some creative projects to share and I know I said I would...but I am still having issues with my scanner...hoping to get that sorted out tonight. And lastly...Jeani tagged me and I thought about sharing another 7 useless facts about myself but I just don't have the energy today so here is the link to the blog entry that I did the 7 Random facts about me.

So have a fabulous day ladies and I will try to do some blog rounds and give you all some love a little later!!! so for now lots of kisses, luv ya all and I am going to bed!!!


  1. WOW! Ok. I am so tired now just from reading about your day/night...I think I'm gonna have to take a nap! HA! I hope things smooth out for you and you get all your projects done. Sending you lots of energy and mojo your way!

  2. **hugs** thats is adya that mekas me appreicate my child who sleeps till 7:30.. but then i only have the one - as for snoring git.. well i have one of those and there are times i have threatened him with objects about it...

  3. OMG. What a hard day. Hope you will get some more sleep the next nights!

  4. That POST was exhausting Jessi :) Don't it seem though that those days are just 'those' days when nothing seems to work out right! Hope today is a little better for you...and that maybe you can find time to catch up with a nap - yeah right I know - but it's nice to think that would happen some day right!

  5. Yikes what a day! Hope today is going better! Talk to you soon! Kim

  6. That totally wore me out.. sorry it's been so crazy for you.. I have one of those snoring beasts too! LOL

  7. I hear you on so many levels girl...I've had the day from hell....if I lived closer I would totally take you over a bottle of wine and we'd drink it blissfully!!!