Thursday, April 19, 2007

good things!!!

****edited i already stated in this blog entry that I was hooked on the banner you are seeing now is not the one I was talking about in my post..LOL!!! You can see the one that I was originally blogging about in my banner blog...the link is on the right hand side under the crop 4 kids links.****

so what do you think??? I finally got some great tutorials, thanks to Ronda...and my brother decided he loved his sister today and showed me some cool things with my photoshop program!!! Man, was I missing out!! So I am by no means an expert...but at least I have a little bit more to play with!! I can finally use actions!!! woohoo!!! So I created a new banner!! Finally got to use the urban acid action...did some cool stuff with a butterfly brush and an of course...had to change up the look of my blog a bit!! I still want to add some cool stuff around the perimeter of my soften the edges a bit...but for now, it works!!So now I am going hunting for cool brushes to add!! My brother also showed me how I can create my own borders around photo' more resizing premade ones...LOL!!! So don't laugh...but here is the photo I played with before I created my banner...
how cool is that??? I think I could be in serious trouble of never leaving my computer chair again...hmmm...maybe it's a good thing I didn't learn this sooner...LOL!!! I have some stuff to share!!! I have to share a few little cool-I'm-so-proud-and-have-the-cutest-kids moments!!! My son...yeah the cutie up above...has his very first loose you can imagine the excitment!!! And the thought that have I seriously been a mom long enough to warrant teeth falling out...but it's true!!! Man, they grow up so fast!!! Second thing to sweet baby girl has discovered the fine art of cleaning house and EVERYTHING goes into the garbage!!! She started with throwing out clean diapers...moved onto toys and has now progressed to throwing shoes out!!! Makes life interesting evertime you open our garbage!! And for all of you out there thinking...why doesn't this woman have a childlock on her cupboard door (yes, our kitchen garbage is one of those you screw to the inside of the cupboard under the kitchen sink)...well we do and she knows how to open the locks!!! So not only is she very helpful...she's smart!!! And third...Haillee gets to perform in her first dance production!!! So you can bet I will have pictures later to post!!! Their show performance isn't until it's still a bit away!!

I had a bunch of LO's to show and tell...but my scanner and I are having issues...again!!! so you'll have to wait!! But I did get tagged by Kelsey...and this one is a really cool tag...

Here are the rules...

Each player starts with 7 random facts/habits about themselves. People who are tagged need to blog about their seven things and post the rules as well . At the end of your blog, you need to choose 7 people to get tagged and list their names. Don't forget to leave them a comment telling them that they have been tagged and to read your blog!OK, here goes...

1. I am afraid of the dark...and seriously, the boogie man!!! I am a bit of a chicken when it comes to this as I won't even walk alone at night in the dark, so when it's get's dark at 5pm...I'm hooped...LOL!!

2. I am horribly and hoplessly addicted to cheesey and trashy romance novels!!! I love Johanna Lindsay, Amanda Quick...and my favourites are the historicals...something to be said about a damsel in distress!!!

3. My favourite dessert is Tiramisu, my favourite drink is chai lattes, and I would let you know what my favourite food is...but i can't narrow it down....LOL!!! I love east indian, thai, mexican, italian...mmmmmmmmm...maybe I should tell you that my least favourite food is liver, yuck!!

4. I still go puddle jumping...isn't that why we have kids?? so we can relive a second childhood?? Honestly, though?? I puddle jump with or without my kids!!!

5. I still wrestle with my husband...and yes, he still chases me around the house!!!

6. This one is a little dorky and anal, but...I have to buy my kids' clothes in outfits and when I fold their clothes, I fold them in when they choose their pants, the shirt that matches is tucked inside!! I don't do this so much for my son anymore...but I think another reason I do it is so that when my husband dresses the kids, they look decent and not wearing some strange concoction...LOL!!!

7. I love old classic movies!!! my favourite one is Sabrina with Audrey Hepburn and I love Singing in the Rain...go figure, LOL!!! I tag Telah, Leah, Sabine, Tannis, Ronda, Amber, and Linda...have fun girls!!

And for all of you curious out there...yeah, it's still snowing!!!!! woke up to about 5 inches of it this morning!!! Who has a spare room in a sunny location that I can impose myself on?? O...and you think I joking!!! LMAO!!!

so in spirit of this snow....I'm dreaming of a white christmas, just like the ones I used to know, where the tree tops glisten, and children listen, to hear the sleigh bells in the snow. I'm dreaming of a white Christmas...

Luv ya!!


  1. I love your banner. You may have to give me a tutorial soon. Thanks for the 7 interesting facts about you and for the tag...I'll get to it this weekend! Have a great one!

  2. The banner looks great...I've been missing my computer creative time...ah well at least I have some time now so I'm leaving a comment. We only got a skiff of snow up here in Whitecourt so far...but who knows what the day will bring...but gals can keep it...tee hee...

  3. LOVE your new banner!! it is SO cool!!!! You are rockin with the photoshop!!

  4. so like how cool i THAT!!!! K Ronda, I think it is time for you to teach us some photoshop tutorials..... Please!!!!!!!!! That is gorgoeous and I love your banner, amazing!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. okay, if I can convince grouchy to keep the kids, I am coming over and you are showing me how to do this cool shit once and for all! Then, I'll make my blog pretty and post some cool stuff!

  6. Awesome banner & I love what you are doing with the photos. Way too cool. So happy you got some one on one instructions with your brother! I'll put up my tag tomorrow!

  7. Awesome banner Jessi! And I think it's cute that you fold clothes in outfits! My husband often finds way cuter outfits then I would ever think of when he dresses Joel. Have a great day! Kim

  8. Jessiiiiiiiii - I got Tagged. Love it. I got my "puter" up and running finally after all those online issues and I just reconfigured the darn thing.....anyhow...I will get back on your tag and tag some more....Love L Do you ever wonder how the computer generated verification comes up with some of the craziest letter variations like PukedPOO?????LOL

  9. I am always impressed with you girls and your banner making abilities! These look fabulous. I was LOL at your random facts... If I forget the mail and have to get it at night, I literally RUN back to the house. Nice sight especially since I am now in my current state of knockedupedness! I also leave the kids oputfits set out when I am gone... Micah cannot even figure out whose drawers are whose! LOL... Loved the cutie kiddos stories too!! :)

  10. oK just had to post one more comment...Jude makes me laugh...i love the knockedupedness word. That one rocks....out