Tuesday, April 10, 2007

it's a beautiful day in the neighbourhood...

So I woke up to...yup, snow!!! the snow from last week's 4 day fall was just about gone yesterday...and today I woke up to a snow covered wonderland...again!!! Oh yes, it's a beautiful day in the neighbourhood!!!! I was visiting one of cool chica's blog's yesterday...and Sabine had some very cute pictures of her girls smelling some daffodils!!! So who forgot to tell Mother Nature that it's April here in Alberta??? I swear...I am completely ignoring the fact that this province is still trying to claim winter...I am barefoot and in skimpy and very cute spring shoes!!! I am in total denial of this insane weather!!!

Okay...I'm good...now...we are all better here in my house!!! No more fainting...no more nasty little bug!!! Our easter was pretty laid back this year...my Husband's parents came out for the weekend...so it was pretty chill!!! We didn't do the traditional easter supper this year as Jason's Dad isn't able to eat a lot of things and I always like to try and compensate so that he doesn't have to eat something different than the rest...it doesn't always work though!!! So we had stuffing stuffed chicken breasts, asparagus with hollandaise sauce, chive and onion mashed potatoes, cheese biscuits, a BLT ceasar salad...and yes all made from scratch!!! I love cooking big family meals!! We finished supper with homemade peach crips and whipping cream!!! Very yummy!!!

And I have some photo's to share of our Easter weekend...

We don't hard boil our eggs before dying them...we blow the yolks out out them and eat a ton of scrambled eggs for days before Easter!!! This year the kids actually wanted to have a turn at blowing...thank god!!! I get pretty light headed after blowing a couple...yeah, yeah...I can hear all your jokes!!! LOL!!!

The chosen colours...
and the dying process!!!

the final result was vases of eggs scattered around the house!!
ain't he cute???
for the first time in awhile I took some random photo's...haven't been loving my camera lately so my photo's have been lacking...here's some of my fave's from this weekend...

okay...so it's not the best photo...but I took it and we rarely get photo's of us together because one of us is always taking the pictures...and I still look like death...but I was still battling that flu, and probably the only time you see a photo of me without makeup on...LOL!!!
apparently woody the woodpecker visited our house this Easter...
gramma and grandpa brought bunny glasses...

story time with gramma...
All in all, it was a good weekend!!! The kids love seeing their grandparents...and the kids love having them visit!!! They get to spend a week in the Kamloops area this summer...most of it, probably, on the shuswapp...with their Grandparents!! They are totally excited!!!

So on today's agenda is taking to and picking up kids from school, the last little bit of laundry, hopefully some much needed scrap time...I am crazy like Ronda...I started another CJ!!! So I need to come up with my concept and put it together!!! I have a class I am teaching tonight at Scrapbooker's Paradise (the journalling class...it's the accordian album I posted awhile ago!!)Pretty much just puttering to get stuff done!!

Okay, last thing...have ya'll checked out karla's blog lately?? She is just pumping out some cool art stuff...that girl is super talented with the pencil!!! She recently coloured one of her pencil drawings with watercolour and it is fabulous!!! It got me thinking that I really miss that side of myself as well...and watercolour was always my medium of choice. I love how beautiful the effects created from watercolours are...anyway, I dug (okay, actually it was framed by my father in law and is hanging in our hallway)something out I drew in high school to share...it has been that long since I created art in that capacity...eek, over 10 years ago!!! where does the time go??? I have been thinking since January about taking some art classes at the college here and Karla keeps on inspiring me and making me miss that side of of me...so I am going to check into it!!! Here's my little art show and tell...

Have a fabulous day...
O...It's a beautiful day in this neighborhood,
A beautiful day for a neighbor,
Would you be mine?
Could you be mine?
I have always wanted to have a neighbor just like you,
I've always wanted to live in a neighborhood with you.
So let's make the most of this beautiful day,
Since we're together, we might as well say,
Would you be mine?
Could you be mine?
Won't you be my neighbor?
Won't you please,
Won't you please,
Please won't you be my neighbor?


  1. I'll be your neighbour Jessi - oh, I am! Glad you had a good easter, and that you are starting to feel better! Sounds like you are an amazing cook! Have a great day! And I think art classes sound fun - you should totally go for it! Kim

  2. That's just gorgous Jessi...let that inner artist out hunny!!! I envy people who have talent like that!!! Eggs looked so pretty in the vases...I'm gonna have to remember that for next year....have missed you Jessi lady...Have a great week!

  3. Oh--I think that is so cool that you blow out your eggs. Love that idea!

  4. Those are awesome pictures!! And I am so stealing the eggs in a vase for next year, too!! My kids did pysanka at school, and brought home unblown eggs, so I took the chance that they hadn't been sitting in a warm room for two weeks, and we blew them. Then hubby went and threw them away!!

  5. Glad you are feeling better Jessi. Love all the great Easter pics! And your painting was awesome! You are one super-talented chic!

  6. Looks like you all had a great time! love the pictures, great one of you and your hubby and your kids are so cute! Love the painting too! and by the way i am so sick of this weather too! Hope spring is coming!

  7. Love Mr. Rogers. Love all the photos you are busting out! I can't believe you blow all those eggs....(so many comments running through my head but I will leave them there). Dude I must be crazy because I am doing a 3rd one!