Friday, April 27, 2007

show and tell....finally!!!!

So I pulled out my camera...set the stage...took pictures of all the LO's I was going to scan (scanner was really not loving me lately!!)...uploaded them to my computer...opened my photoshop program, and thought...hey just for shits and giggles, let's try my scanner. Yeah...worked like a dream!!! Go figure!! Well since I have done all the work the hard get to see all of my creations with the pictures I took...I am not scanning and stitching all those LO's!!! So let's get this show started!!!!

I am guest designer somewhere next week...can't tell yet...but here's a little sneakie of the Lo I created...will have to stayed tuned to my blog for where you can see the full view of this one!!!

My POTP kit came with an 8x8 page frame...these are totally cool!!! The title is stuck to the top of the frame and I used alcohol inks on the frame around the edges...slid my LO into the frame and used a wide twill ribbon as a tie to hang the frame with and added a tag to the side of the this!!
This is another Lo with my march POTP kit...
This was a fun Lo I did when I got that HUGE Stampin' Up order awhile back!!! The stamps on the journalling spot and inside of the chipboard circle are from a cool set call the Genuine stamps!!!
And this one...again...just a fun one using some of the stamps from SU...I stamped the word LOVE...can't remember what the stamp set is called...oops!!!
This one I created for a design team call....and than never wasn't because I changed my mind...I didn't the other required assignments completed in time...O...well life goes on!!! This one was a blast to do!!!
And this one is a favourite!! I used my April POTP kit and got truly inspired by Amber...I had visited her blog and she had just shared a ton of of her work and I was totally and completely inspired...this was soooooooooooooooo much fun to create!!! thanks for the inspo Amber!!! okay...and yes...I realize there is no title...and no it wasn't meant to not have one... i completely forgot...ooops!!!
And this is the little mini album I created with all the easter pictures I had...I LOVE how this album turned out!!!!

 did I mention I suffer from indecision??? And maybe I should have mentioned it before you had to scroll through all of those photo's...but see that was my evil plan!!! LOL!!! I couldn't decide which pages of the album to share and which to leave out and I always love when other people post the entire projects so I can really see how it's made, if it's something I love I always hate wondering what the rest of it looks I posted every page in the mini there!!!

In other news...flip flops are officially out!!! yahoo!!! Went on bit of a shopping spree...come on, there are sooooo many cute fashions out there right now!!! I bought a couple of those baby doll style tops that are really just short dresses!!! some super cute jewllery to go with...hmmm...some capri's, some more tops...and some bermuda shorts!!! You would think a girl is good to go...but I am sure I will add to my closet...I am a clothes horse!!! LOVE fashion!!!

Anyway...since you had to suffer through so many pictures...I won't keep you with a long written post too...LMAO!!! Have a fabulous other thing to share...I am filling out my application to get my passport...yup...cuz I am going on a trip this summer!!! So excited!!! And don't ask me where....cause I can't tell you yet...heehee!!

O...and one last thing...I swear this is it...what?? I promise!!! Besides...this is really cool!!! There is a new site...and it's such a cool and new idea!!! Your 15 Minutes!!! It's a challenge blog and the girls running the show are super talented...And three of my favourite girls Ronda, Kim and Jude (okay if you haven't figured it out by're all my favourites!!!) are part of the design go check out their first challenge and give them some love!!!

ciao chica's!!!


  1. Totally gorgeous stuff Jessi. *Adore* that Easter album and I'm glad we got to see the WHOLE thing. Congrats on GDT .. I'll keep checking back til you spill the beans on where. Have a great weekend!!

  2. girl.. im wiggin out... these pages are flippin incrediable! love love the 2 of you... especially the one w/ ALL the butterflies! awesome sista... and I need some help making a cardboard album... help a sista out! xoxo

  3. Awesome LO"s Jessi!!! Especially love the mini album you have made! Can't wait to see what the sneak peeks look like, it looks awesome already! Gonna check out the 15 minutes challenge sounds awesome esp. w/those girls on board....!

  4. Glad you shared the whole thing - LOVE it!! Love everything you do GF :) Keep it coming.

  5. how can they all be your favorites??? They were my favorites first. Oh, and your rule about if you've worn a fashion and it comes back in ya can't wear it....I say poo on you cuz you're only as old as ya feel and since people still keep guessing 24, who am i to hurt their feelings? saw these layouts and little album in all it's glory...and she's right, it's pretty cute. I asked to borrow her eggs so Icould take "easter (shh" pictures cuz my batteries were dead, lol!

  6. Wow, that easter album is AMAZING!!!! Love it!

  7. totally awesome post.... love all that stuff, total inspiration now i just have to get my butt in gear and get something done!!!!!! Have a great day!

  8. Ooh, I've already SEEN where you are TODAY!!! I LOVE the Pencillines site and when I saw you there this morning I yelled YAY!!!!

  9. Great Show and Tell, Jessi. And when I saw you on Pencil Lines yesterday, I was jumping up and down! Congrats on being go girl. Oh, and I am totally in love with that sketch...I can't wait to use it.