Monday, April 16, 2007

what makes you smile??

So in love with life today!!! I had a wonderfully beautiful and sweet email from my friend Linda this morning!!! I love waking up in the morning...grabbing my morning coffee (after I get the kids ready for school and take my son to kindergarten!!), opening my email...and finding those emails that just make you smile and know that all is right with the world!!!

You know what else makes me smile??? The sun!!!'s's warm...I am wearing bermuda shorts and wedge sandals today!!! How can you not smile???!!

I also have some show and tell for you gals!!! I did get some scrap time in this weekend and I didn't do much...but I love what I did do!!!

Ronda...thanks chica...sent me yet another digitally enhanced version of that photo of my I uploaded the photo's to walmart and got one LO scrapped!!! Wanna see???

I know it's pretty simple...but I love that!!! I totally love what ronda did to the photo!!! So all I did was add the stars, photo corners, and journalling pieces!!!

I am completely caught up on emily's art card challenge...I am even posting some from awhile ago that were done...I just hadn't posted yet!!!

I am really happy with the way they turned out!!! Alright moving on...I have finally got my butt together and took the pictures of my newly painted living room and revamped fire place!!! So here's the before...a few things to note...white out of place( we had just redesigned the furniture arrangement so that explains the weird placement of pictures on the wall!!)...the square paper lamps...the wood panelling around the fireplace (ain't it pretty???)...the red walls (the walls that were white used to be a pretty baby poop mustardy colour and I couldn't decide on a we painted the white was that ugly of a colour!!!)...the colour of the coffee table

and...drum roll please.....the after photo's!!! the colour is darker than it shows in the photo's...and more brown...but's not baby poop or white..LOL!!! you'll note the new display of my children's art work??? The pieces that they create that I absolutely love I frame and put around the house!! New round paper lamps (okay, not new...these were in our bedroom so we swapped them for the square ones!!) You also have to picture this room with old english nail head leather furniture...our current set is getting replaced but will have to wait a little use your imaginations!! heehee...noticed there are few little kidlets in these pictures!!
we wrapped the colour all the way around and into our kitchen...we also painted our kitchen table black (it used to be that light pine colour...boring!!) and this is my scrap space...the shelf holds my creative world!!! and I know the wall is a little will be future home to some really cool shabby oversized soon as I can find what i am looking for...LOL!!
and the fireplace!!! I love how it turned out!!! this was my husband's design...we had to keep the brick and couldn't paint it out ( we are renting)...but bye-bye ugly wood panelling!!! and a new floor lamp...O...and see that vintage window in front of the firplace??? it used to hang on that empty wall in our eating area...but when we took it down to paint, I put it here to keep it out of the way of the kids...but how cool of a fire screen does it make??? so it's staying!! and you'll also note that we painted our coffee table black!!
and this is our front entrance...when you open our front door you stare at this wall...this bureau used to match the kitchen table too...and it still matches as both pieces are now black!!! I forgot to take a picture...but there is a little wall to right of this picture which holds my new dry erase board...remember the vintage cream window that sat above our fireplace in the before pictures??? well it's now hanging vertically on this little wall and is keeping track of important dates and things to do!! It makes a fabulous dry erase board!!!
And April POTP kit came...O...happy day!!!! It's full of some real yummy goodies!!! Cannot wait to get scrapping!!!!

Have a wonderfully, beautiful, fabulous day ladies!!!!


  1. I saw it in real life and its suuum pretty. My favorite thing in the after photo? The kid in the box, you let her out for a while? Ha ha ha, thanks for no "bob the builder can we fix it? yes we can,,,,, ha ha I know you are humming it.

  2. o girl.... it is awesome! love the living room and love the scrappy!!!! u go girl. Linda sends the sweetest e-mails doesn't she!?

  3. Cool colors on the wall. You have done a great job. The kid in the box is soooo funny! I bet you didn't even notice that when you took the picture because it was something you see day in and day out....that's how it is here. LOL :)

  4. I like that one the best too. The layout is so gorgeous, just like your little man. Your new color looks so warm, so yummy. I love it!

  5. it looks great jess and i loved the idea of the dry erase board so i will have to steal it i made something i will show either or tomorrow when i get it done !!!and the lo and cards are fab would have loved to seen those in person lol!!!

  6. OMG!!! I love it...beautimus job. I am soooo glad that my email gave you a good start to your day, it's always fun to get those from friends. I am tooooo happy for you about the sun....that rocks for you and I know how much you love your sandals....welll shoes in general but yeah, sandlas day to you. xoxox L

  7. The layout is gorgeous, the pictures, all that you have done in your house!!!! WOW! Awesome!

  8. Love your art Jessi! We missed you last weekend! And your home looks wonderful. Have a great day today even with the snow! Kim

  9. Hey Jessi! Love the new look to your blog! Very cool banner! word verification is othdrod...sometimes they can be so funny.

  10. Great your deck of you cards!!! Love the colors especially the bird card! Great that felt bird!!!!