Monday, May 14, 2007

ready, set, GO!!!!

Did you all remember?? One Little Word...we launched our first challenge word. Do you know how exciting this is??? We also got a major feather in our cap....Miss Ali Edwards put our site in her weekly AEzine newsletter, so don't forget to check out that either!!!How cool is that??? I am totally vibrating with yeah, right after you read my post( LOL!!!)....GO and check it out!!!! Now let me warn you....this is a very full post....ya'll needed a coffee break, though...right??!! I am enjoying a big mug of chai tea and a croissant....need to recharge!!!!

So this weekend was say the least....hmmmm.where to start!!! How about the beginning?? Always a good place to start!!!

Friday...I spent 4 hours at the theatre while Haillee had her dress was a....looooooooooooong night!!!! She was pretty good, though, and she really enjoyed watching the other dancers!!!

Saturday.....O boy....saturday!!!! 9am Haillee was in the living room practicing her dancing, Jason was in the shower, Dakota was playing, and Kain(a friend of Dakota's) and Jeff had just buzzed to be let into the apartments( he was coming to play for the day and sleep over!!). Sounds pretty peaceful huh??? Well while all this was going on Haillee got a little carried away with her you see where this is going??? O, just you wait!!! Lost her ballance and sent herself flying into one of living room ya'll know what an ikea poang chair is??? Well I will post a photo for those that don't....these chairs look pretty harmless. She smashed her head into one of these at the same time kain and Jeff got to our door....she starts to freak out!!! I am thinking...well this is Haillee, the little girl who cries like she's dying with every little I was getting prepared to tell her, suck it up princess!!! I heard Dakota say something about blood....and, again, she cries bloody murder with the teeniest drop of I continued getting Kain in through the door and chatting with Jeff.....Haillee comes around the corner....

Blood is pouring down half her face...Jason is just getting out of the shower so I sent her down to the bathroom to I could quickly kick Jeff out!!! Jason...comes flying out of the bathroom in his ginch to grab our first aid kit asking me to go back to the bathroom so I could make sure Haillee dosen't get dizzy or disorriented and fall off the bathroom counter where she is leaning over the sink dripping blood!! Leaving a clueless Jeff and Kain standing in our front door!! Jason gets back to the bathroom and I go back to the front door to let Jeff know he can go...of course he asked if this was a good time to leave which I replied...he's already here and only one of us can take Haillee to the doctor, if needed, because someone would have to stay behind with Dakota and sense in dragging the whole family down to the clinic. So I finally sent Jeff away...we finally got Haillee's head to stop bleeding....and Jason departs with her to the clinic.

Yup...she came back with 2 stitches....she hit her head hard enough on that darn chair to gash herself to the bone!!!! And, of course, right before her recitals!!! The rest of the day was pretty UNeventful!!!

Sunday....Mother's Day was kids and Hubby made stuffed french toast for breakfast.....sooooooooo yummy!!! They made it with raisin bread, smoked ham and cream cheese and topped it with real maple syrup.....oooooooh, it was so good!! Jay also brought home some flowers....very pretty!!! Than I put him to work helping me redo our bedroom!! We put both girls into the master suite to share a room and moved ourselves into Haillee's old room. So we had to paint that first....bubble gum/peptobismal pink is not really our taste...LOL!!! And we had redone our bed the weekend I was excited to get it set up. I had also been stashing some really cool curtains and throw pillows that I got for a fabulous deal at Jysk's...the pillows were 5 dollars each and the curtain panels were 10 dollars each.

Monday....the usual back and forths to school....we had an extra kid that day too....and Haillee's Dance they realize that some of these kids are like 5yrs and younger???? She was all but at the end of a three hour performance!!! But totally cute!!! Of course, I'm short and always manage to get tall people sitting in front of me....but that wasn't so bad. What really sucked....was the entire row behind us was all one family and one of them brought the year old kid....and all we heard was....come to auntie, do you want to come to auntie....come to auntie!!! O...we also got the revalation on one of their horrible breakups with a boyfriend...and about 5 million get-out-of-their-seat-to-pass-the-kid-back-and-forth as well as bottle dropping eveyone 5 inutes!! And yes, their conversations were through performances and at a street volume voice....of course right??? They were trying to talk over the music!! My Husband finally turned around and said....Excuse me, I paid to see the performances not listen to you converse all night!!!! heehee!! yeah, what he said!!!!

And last night....I was a Star Mom....meaning I sat behind the satge in the hall and kept 9 4-5 year olds occupied for 4 hours!!!! about insanity!! glad it's all over....Haillee was sooooooooooooooooo tired by the time they had to go on stage...we had a few breakdowns....seriously thought she was going to be balling her eyes out on stage....but my little princess sucked it up and put on a stellar performance....with a big ol' yawn right through the middle of it!!! Yup, that's my girl!!!! And the whole audience thought it was soooooooo cute they all chuckled!!

Okay....I have to go and catch up on a zillion things around the have a fabulous day and tonight I am going to try and catch up on blogs....having serious withdrawals from you guys....I didn't have a chance to read any last week....but I luvs ya all and a HAPPY BELATED MOTHER's DAY to all of you!!


  1. Poor kid but glad she's okay and what a trooper for pullin off the recital...too fun. Glad you had a good mom's day....great shout from Ali...good luck girlie.

  2. so cool about the site i read it the morning . now shantal and hailey will have matching scars shantal has one on the other side of her head lol and totally love those curtains

  3. So proud of you guys at OLW (woo hoo about the AEzine!) Hope Hailee is feeling better. Happy Belated mother's day to you! Kim

  4. I am back in the computer world! I hope to get the videos uploaded, J is coming over. Did your croissant and tea get cold while you were photo shopping? lol!

  5. Poor Haillee, I am glad she is okay. That's so cool to see your new blog kudos from Ali E!