Monday, May 28, 2007

WOW and Thank you!!!

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! blowing you all big kisses!!! I cannot believe the support over at One little Word!!! Thanks so much to all you who have participated and checked us out!!! We are all still a little stunned and in awe over at the site!!! It was tough choosing just 6 out of the 300 plus links to some fabulous creations!!! And our top 6 is posted on OLW and we added a cool slide show of some of our other favourites that we felt needed some recognition too!!! So the next word up challenge will be on wednesday and I hope to see ya'll there!!

The snow is gone...finally....and we have had some nice sunny weather...a little on the windy side...but hey!! I am not long as the snow stays away!!! I spent most of Friday in Calgary...had to go to the passport office and hand in my application!! Totally was a 2 hour wait and no complications...I also paid an extra $10 to be able to pick it up on a guarenteed date instead of taking my chances with the mail!!! I already have my tickets for my trip in I didn't want to risk it...this way I get to pick up my passport on or any time after June 8th...and yes, it's another trip to Calgary...but it's good shopping so no complaints here about the extra drive!!

So this is a short to finish my project for OLW and get it loaded to the I am off...

Have fabulous night ladies!!!


  1. Really enjoyed the OLW challenge and can't wait until you guys reveal the next word! Saw that you got the chance to participate with POTP's crop some. I ended up doing the one layout and that was all.

  2. oh girl...getting some sun finally...Love that for you. we've had some wind here too...but it's all good long as it's sunshiny. Happy day girl.

  3. So proud of you girls over at OLW! And yippee about your trip! kim

  4. that is a very cool site you are involed in i did all the challenges last weeka and look at all the work i got done lol!!