Monday, June 4, 2007

happy monday

A little exuberant for a Manday, I know....but I am having a terrific
one already and it's only 10 in the morning!! I enjoyed a fabulous
weekend with my family!!!! We went to some of the local water fountains
set up around town for kids to play in....the weather has been
beautiful...HOT....but beautiful!!! We enjoyed tons of slurpees and ice
cream this weekend too!!!

This morning I dorve my son to
school....needed to get some diapers and some groceries!!! So after
that little bit of shopping I went to Timmies to get a steeped those!!!! I am waiting and waiting in the
drive through line....and when I got to the window to pay for my tea
the lady says...Happy Monday your tea was bought for you by the lady in
front of you!!! So thank you to the mysterious lady in the convertable
mercedes!!! But since I already had my change out to pay....I said,
well just use it for the person behind me...and the Timmies girl about you drop into the donation box under the the window
and it can go to the camp for kids fund!!!! June 9th is their big Camp for Kids
drive....all the proceeds from every coffee purchased on that day go to
the Camp for Kids...a camp designed for under privileged children. So
free tea and a good deed!!! It's definitely a good day!!!

Love how the little things always put such a big smile on my face....and Linda....keep on sending those warm California thoughts....our weather has been awesome!!!!

Okay....and again...thank you so much to all of you have supported OLW....I
am so grateful that you have loved this site as much as we have and are
continuing to play along with us!!! Friday is your deadline to get your
STOP projects linked to us....can't wait to see what you come up
with!!! And don't forget that Amber
is dishing out some fun tips and tricks this Wednesday!!! That girl has
a serious artsy feel to her scrapbooking that is just awesome!!! So
don't forget to check it out!!

Alright...go enjoy some beautiful weather and have a fabulous day!!!

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