Monday, June 11, 2007

just for you kim b!!!

okay so I totally suck!!! I am a horrible updater of my blog!!! what
can I say?? And even today...I don't have a whole lot to say...LOL!!!
It's pouring rain....we are having morning thunderstorms....we had
thunderstorms last it's a blah kind of day!!! Huge puddles
are forming so maybe there is a puddle jumping session in store for
later!!! YES, I am a 29 yr old who likes to puddle jump with her

We posted our top fave at One little Word this
morning, as well as a slideshow highlighting some others!!! Man...we
thought it was hard last challenge choosing six for our kick off
challenge...but now only getting to choose one per,
you wordsters really know how to step up to a challenge!!! So thank you
for your support again!!!! Our next challenge will be this wednesday,
June don't forget to check it out!!!!

So my weekend
was pretty low key....puttered on Saturday and on Sunday we headed out
to the local "lake"....Sylvan....I say lake, as it's one of the few
bodies of water around Red Deer you can swim in...and even that is
questionable!! It's just dirty looking!!! But beggars can't be choosey
and since we live out here we really can't be picky!!! The kids had fun
and this was Delainey's first experience out at Sylvan and she LOVED
the water!! So we got some sun....frolicked in the water....made some
creative sandcastles....and just enjoyed the day!!! My kids are
definite water babies...they barely came out of the water....they are
so excited about the summer trip to their grandparents....they get to
spend the entire time on the that is a lake!!!

So hopefully today at some point I will be able to make the rounds and check out what everyone has been up to!!!

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