Friday, June 1, 2007

Wir sind Deutsch abgefasst worden!!!!

Okay...what??? Let me translate....We've been worded in German!!! How freakin' cool is that??? There was a comment today on One Little Word that a bunch of gals have recreated our site in in Germany!!! Their site is called Just 1 Word and their first word is so much that this has gone around the much power in words!!

I will have to brush up a little more on my's been awhile since using it and even with visiting jeani's's not coming back all that fast!!!

Anyway...just thought I would share!!!

So the weather is finally working on my side!! It's 27C today and I am stuck in doors!!! But one of the things I love the most about the start of our short summers is it ets you in the mood to plan your summer fun!! We just booked a campsite out at Ol' MacDonald's going to be our first time camping out there...but we have heard awesome things about it!! And we're tenting!!! girl who like s four solid going to be tenting!! I tried to book a cabin, don't think I didn't....LOL...but they are already booked solid...and we really wanted to do this princess is sucking it up and pitching a tent September long!!! We also have our trip to the Vancouver Island and we also are planning to spend a little time onthe shuswapp....Dakota and Haille are going to spend a week with their Grandparents out there this we'll chill for a few days when we pick them up!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh...loving the way our summer is looking...lots of time to STOP...chill....and enjoy!!! What are ya'll up to??? would love to hear your plans are for the summer!!!

Anyway...have a fabulous weekend...we're looking to hit that!!! ciao chica's!!


  1. Very cool Jessi! Sounds like you are going to have an awesome summer! Kim

  2. YEah!!! How cool that you got "blogjacked" in Germany! I lvoe it!! And... Ich spreche ein bischen deutsch... aber... I can;t make umlauts on my computer to lok grammantically correct!! LOL... Your summer plans are sounding fun, and hale to you the tent camping woman!!

  3. jessi, it totally BLOWS my mind that we've been blogjacked!!!! so exciting!!!! love ya girl!! xoxo

  4. Congrats, Jessi! You ladies had such a great idea to do this very cool, indeed! Have a great summer there coz' you deserve this glorious season to make up for all that snow!

  5. my German is seriously rusty...Haven't used it since I lived there in 90-92 and didn't learn it very well anyway...that news just rocks. Love the new banner and site colors. fun.

  6. Is the resort by Stettler? We went there a couple of years ago - lots of facilities (showers, laundry, groomed paths, store). The lake is so awesome for young kids, it was nice!