Wednesday, June 13, 2007

word up!!

So it's Wednesday!!!! Did ya'll check out the OLW
challenge word??? This weeks is pretty to had me
stumped for a bit!!! You don't even want to know how down to the wire
it was for me....those who know me, know that I am always last minute
on my deadlines....I just work best under pressure!!! But yesterday, I
was just about in panic mode!!! So here is what I came up with for the
challenge word....this weeks word being chosen by Lynn, the word is MY

gotta say that, even though this was a last minute put together, this
is one of my fave layouts to date!!! I played with some digital
elements on the photo...I am having a blast learning about my photoshop
program...but those brushes I used on the photo...want to know where I
got them??? Okay...I'll tell you....the border around the photo is from
500ml, a very cool site with some pretty cool free brush downloads. The other brushes I used I am so excited to tell you are Karla Dudley Originals!!! Yup, that very talented chica is now creating her own digi stuff and selling it at Dragon
go cehck it out!!! I used two of the brushes from the hot stuff set (
the scroll-y like brushs down the left side of the photo) and one of
the stamps from her cutie set (that cute little heart in the righ
bottom corner). I added the word love to the heart. I also used the
Urban Acid action on the photo...that action is very addicting!!! I
change the colour option to purple and used the action as an gives it a bit of softer effect. fun and
like I said....I love how this turned out!!!

We had our
fisrt tooth fairy visit last night!!! son was super ecstatic
about finally loosing that darn tooth!! it's been loose since about the
end of March beginning of April, and his adult tooth had started to
come in behind as well. He had a dentist appointment in April and the
Dentist said to bring him back in a month if the baby tooth hadn't
fallen out on its own. So I realized a little belatedly that a month
had come and gone by about 2 weeks...oops!! So we got a dentist
appointment yesterday and the dentist pulled the tooth!! Gotta tell kid is sick...he LOVES going to the dentist....he was
extremely excited about getting his tooth pulled!! In fact...he said he
hoped his tooth didn't fall out on it's own and that he could go back
to the dentist and have it pulled!!! what??? yeah...sick kid...but he
got his wish!!!

And let me tell you...the toothfairy rate of infaltion is insane!!! He
got 5 dollars for it being his fisrt tooth lost!!! But listening to
some other kids this toothfairy pick up was on the low end of the
scale!! Totally visits from the tooth fairy were nearly as
lucrative!!! What is she using these days?? Gold plated fairy wings???
hmmmm...maybe platinum sprinkled with diamond dust!!!

get your OLW challenges completed and linked up!! Can't wait to see
what ya'll do...and I am going to say again, we are extremely grateful
for your continued support with our site!!! We love that you love it as
much as we do!!! so thanks!!!

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