Wednesday, July 25, 2007

are y'all curious to know if...

I pee'd my pants on the plane ride to Denver??? Nope....and Tannis' hand is still perfectly intact!!! No bone crushing for this scaredy cat!!! Be proud!!! I was extremely nervous about the plane ride...I had snippets of Alnnis Morrisette's song, Ironic going through my head....and flashes of scenes from the show, Lost....but I got to Denver safe and sound!!! I had a little a little dizzy....felt pressure in my chest....and ended up with a killer headache by the time I got to Denver....but the important thing is....I got there!!!

We arrived at the Calgary airport...went through security...don't bring scrap supplies as a carry on!!!! I didn't have major problems....but they kept seeing some ghost bottle of liquid and so my scrap carry on got searched evey single time I went through security...Hey, at least I wasn't getting the white glove treatment...LOL!!

Now my cousin....flight conniseur that she is, calmly pulled out her book, put her ipod in her ears and read the whole ride....I tried reading for about 5 seconds and ended up feeling sick....not a good thing!!! The flight back was good....I was sitting next to a guy from Oklahoma and he was chatty and kept me pretty I didn't get as anxious and panicked as the trip to Denver....but I got to tell you....I don't like descent....that just does all kinds of things to my stomach....NOT GOOD!!! It's the reason I don't ride rides at amusement parks!!!

So the time in Denver??? OMGOSH!!!! So much fun....we all gelled!!!! Just clicked and there was no was just fun!!! We laughed our butts off the whole weekend....we talked...we scrapped...we got to know each other on a whole new level and from my way of thinking...made friends for life!!! Ronda is hostess extrodanaire!!!! We were treated to homemade pasta...yeah, like even the noodles were made from scratch!!! It was so yummy!!! Her very sweet Husband was around all weekend to make coffee, make food, and escort us....he was cool....any guy who can accomadate 9 women in his house...and still have his sanity at the end of it deserves a huge standing ovation!!! You are still sane....right, Andy???

So yeah..we had fun...I met some of the most beautiful people in the world....I got to scrap with the some of the most talented scrappers...and we all got an Amber class!!! O yeah...that girl let us get in her head and put our creativity to the test when she gave us all a little mini class on how to create a LO just like hers!!!! So I scrapped a picture of Ronda and she scrapped a picture of me....I left it for Ronda....But it was fun... I did a 6x12 on a Hambly transparency for the background!!! okay photo overload from here on out!!! and yes...Tannis brought her kissy face and got Miss Jude on board!!! Miss Chrissy...this girl is super sweet!!! And totally cute...check her out in the old school gangster hat!!! so of course we go shopping....I think Miss Karla D spent more than she was wanting,what do you think?? LOL!!! Say what??? that was how much??? Now...some girls you can take out and some girls just get all kinds of crazy and moleste the store mannequins!! Vee....this girl is just sweet and man can she ever kick out the mini albums!!!! she put together a killer one while we were there...would have to say that the weekend scrappy award would have to go to her and Amber for most pages produced!!! And because of this amazingly beautiful woman the whole weekend was possible!!! Ronda is as genuine and as beautiful as she comes across in her blog in real was so very cool to meet her!!! She is generous of heart and is very giving!!! She listens and she absorbs and she knows exactly what will bring a smile to those she calls friend!!! I am so honoured to be able to call her friend!!! And last Miss Amber!! Amber is so full of energy and her smile is contagious...she just makes you want to smile....but the postive light and happiness that just pours from her is stunning!!! She is every bit as cute and beautiful in real life as she comes across on her blog!!! just a little peak into how much fun we had this weekend!!! Thie was not only a chance to meet some very talented and cool ladies....but this was an opportunity to create friendships of a lifetime!!! Now I have to go and get crack-a-lackin' on some deadlines!!! have a fabulous day...o and because it was mentioned that this was missed on my ya'll go....

if you're happy and you know it, clap your hands!!

if you're happy and you know it clap your hands!!

if you're happy and you know and you really want to show it,

if you're happy and you know clap your hands!!!

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