Thursday, July 12, 2007

check out the new do

I confess...I can never keep the same look for very
anything!!! I love changing it that goes for my
changing the colour...finding new cuts!!! A couple of weeks ago there
was some article showcased on the MSN homepage about Victoria
Beckham...remember her??? Spice girl...super gorgeous??? Well she is
sporting a total new look...and I loved I had to have it!!!
It's similar in shape to the angled bob I had a christmas time....but
just so much more here is the inspiration photo...

here is what my fabulous hairdresser did!!! it's a little shorter in
the front due to the way my hair was last cut...but I am going to grow
the front angle a little bit longer...but I love it!!!

have no make up on but I was too excited to share that I didn't bother
glamming myself up...LOL!! But check this next photo out!!! I bought
these fun shades a couple of days ago in anticipation of my new
do...thought they would be fun!!! Total hollywood glam...and another
big change for me...I never do the big shades...always thought they
looked kind of funny on me...but my girlfriend (and fabulous
hairdreser!!) swears they look good on me!!!Okay Victoria Beckham's
version first...

and my version... to do some laundry...I know...the life of the not so glamorous!!! Have fabulous night ladies!!

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