Wednesday, July 11, 2007

holy scrappity stuff batman!!

WORD UP!!! The new word is upat OLW!!!
I am excited to say that this week was my pick!!! We have some
fantastic sponsors again and the creative team put together some
amazing stuff!!! Go check it out!!

know it's been a while since I have shared anything scrappy...but I
have just not been in the mood!! I guess I have been in a funk...I want
scrap...I sit down to scrap...and I push stuff around and end up with
nothing or something I totally hate cuz I forced it!!! But who would
thought that product that I am really not a fan of would get my mojo
running again??!! Go figure!!!

I was asked to teach a class at
our LSS using Tinkering Inks...okay I know a lot of you love
before ya'll throw knives at me...I don't love it...I don't hate it...I
just don't love it!!! It's kind of out there for me...but I said yes. I
brought home the product I picked out and put together 3 LO's just like
that!!! Now I am rethinking Tinkering Inks....LOL!!! I really love the
pages I came out with...another reason I love this world so
much...trying new things!!!

out this stuff!!! We got a new couch set yesterday!! OmGosh I am so
excited about this...this our first brand new set...we have always had
second hand and hand me downs!!! We got leather in the old English
style with the brass nail heads and we bought the couch and the love
seat!! LOVE it!!!

and lastly...a girl has got to share her new shoes with the world!!! I
was shopping with a friend yesterday and I always have to chekc out favourite-ist shoe store in the world!!! I found these HOT
shoes in my size for 30 dollars!!! SCORE!!!
So have a fabulous day ladies...I am off to the beach with my kids!!!

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