Tuesday, July 17, 2007

leaving on a jet plane...don't know when I'll be back again!!!

Edited to add: just have to let ya'll know about that cool little border going around my banner...it would be created by the beautiful and talented friend of mine, Miss Karla Dudley!!! It's part of her digital kit called Play....sold here
okay...I don't know if I will have enough time between now and Friday to update again!!!

What, you ask, is going on on Friday??? Well, my friends....I can finally tell you about my trip to the States!!! I am going to Denver, CO!!! I am so excited about this trip because I am meeting some fellow blog friends in real life!!! Ronda is hosting a fun little get to know your blogger friends scrap retreat at her house!!!! So, so excited...I am off to meet with Karla, Ronda, Kim, Tannis, Chrissy, Vee, Amber, and Jude.

This is big for me....this is my first trip by myself as an adult....my time on a plane since I was 9 ( and that was a horrible experience...so I am really freaking out over the plane part of this trip!!!)...and I am so under travelled even within the country I live...that to be able to be going....well, it's HUGE!!!! Did I mention how excited I am???

I have nothing scrappy to share...I have been so busy hanging out with my kids....going to the lakes and the local fountains, wading pools and other various watering holes...that I haven't really been sitting down to scrap!!! It's been so hot here that we have been making a lot of trips to the get slurpees or ice cream and a lot of after supper jaunts to previously mentioned water spots to cool off before going to bed!! It's been so much fun!!! Dakota and Haillee are also leaving for their Grandparents this weekend....they are super excited about spending 2 weeks on the Shuswap!!!

Tomorrow is tip/technique week at OLW....and it's my turn to share a fun little trick...so make sure you check it out....it's my favourite one, so I hope ya'll enjoy!!!

And I needed some new pics of my new do for some trading cards I am making for my trip to Denver...as well as for the next OLW Word Up challenge (which will be posted next wednesday)...I have been steadily running out of time....LOL!!! So I asked my kids to take some pics of me...and they turned out pretty good!!! Gotta to say...I am loving the new do!!

So I hope today finds you all enjoying your summer and enjoying the simple things!!! Have a fabulous week...see ya'll when I get back!!


  1. I can't wait to see you in person, eh! Man that picture is awesome. Seriously sexy and confident....love it!

  2. I LOVE the new pictures!! You look like a model in that top one, all posed, and gorgeous! I cannot wait for Friday!! SEE you then!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. This is awesome Jessi!Gorgeous pics! I love the new do! Looks so good on you! Have a great time with the girls, which I now you will! I will be thinking about all of you! I am leaving for my daughters wedding so will chat when I get back!

  4. k cu! can my big boobs fit in that??? gonna have to borrow it! ps- answer the phone would ya!

  5. Love the new pics Jessi...Just beautiful Hope you all have a beautiful time in Denver Have fun.

  6. Love the new do!! It suits ya girl!!! Have fun in Denver!!! Keep Tanny out of trouble would ya!?!? lol

  7. You look great Jessi, love the new pics and have fun in Denver!

  8. so so jealous!! love those ohotos of you. sorry for talking your ears off yesterday...